Monday, November 24, 2008


This is bad. We are supposed to be saving up for our future, to build a house and whatnot. But instead we are dreaming of flying back to Europe. And I think we are going to do it. The only thing is we are NOT taking a loan out this time, we are saving up and just spending what we have.

I think we have pretty much for sure decided where we want to go. It is different than the options I was talking about before. I think we want to go to Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro and possibly Greece. We would really like to do the coast of Croatia and Montenegro, and Eric refuses to go anywhere near Turkey unless we go there! We are not sure about Greece yet. We would just go for nostalgia, and maybe see a few new things. But there is alot to see in the other three countries and I am not sure how long we want to go for and if we have time to go to Greece. I am so excited! I really hope we can make this a reality... Now comes the hard part...saving money....

Read more about Montenegro here :

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