Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yard Sale!

It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in 22 years of life! Me and Eric, along with some of my family are having a yard sale on Saturday from 10-4 in Arnes at Pheonix Lumber. There will be some really great stuff for sale. I have lots of brand new stuff for sale. Including... a microwave, air conditioner, waffle makes, picture frames, lots of clothes, toys... and thats just some of the stuff from me! I'll see you there!

Life Lessons

Don't leave your window open when you are at the garbage dump. Unless of course you want company on the way home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If only everyone would be this comfortable...

...sleeping on a hard, wood floor! (Taken 2 minutes ago)

The Cabin

So I did go to the cabin, and of course I had a great time. Kelly Ann watched the dogs and Eric came with me. We left after work on Friday and went to Europa for gyros and pita bread. On the way out of town we spotted Sarah and Jay leaving Subway so we asked if we could follow them. We were the first ones there. We set up out tent, I got mad cuz Eric didn't bring lots of blankets like I told him. I tried to emphasise in my note by writing....




-Blankets *LOTS*

But he thought I wanted them for warmth so he only brought two, one for the top, one for the bottow. ARGH! I like them for softness. We could have actually used more blankets for warmth, it got really cold at nights. Anyways, after setting up we went inside the cabin and played Blokus with Jay and Sarah. Finally a few hours later the people started to straggle in. It was a good weekend. We did lots of food making, game playing, fire watching, food eating, boating, tubing and floating on an awesome 4-person "Funstation". Except we had like 8 or 9 people on at one time. I am glad that we went. It was lots of fun. I even went shopping and bought some nice seashell stuff for my bathroom. Oh, and cool clear dice that look like ice!

The ride home was rough. Because we followed Sarah there, we didn't really pay attention on how to get there. So on the way back we turned the wrong way 3 times. The first two weren't that bad, we realised it right away. But the last one we were driving for like 15 or 20 minutes in the wrong direction. We could see the city already. I was so upset. It was all my fault of course, I am supposed to be the navigator. So I cried of course. Hard. I just wanted to be at home so badly. I was hoping we would get home around 6, but it was close to 9 when we got home. I hate getting home late. Then we have to go to bed right away and then go to work first thing in the morning. I like to have time to relax and recover and even do some cleaning around the house.

Yesterday I just felt really overwhelmed. Today I do as well, but last night it just felt like I was suffocating. I was just so worried about everything, but without anything major to worry about. I just need a clean house. And to get ready for a yard sale. I think we are going to have a yard sale this weekend, to get rid of some of the stuff we have and make some money for Europe.

Today I had a great experince. At about 7:30 I went to go see my horse. When I unloaded the bale and looked up into the sky there was this huge streak of lightening. I could see rain in the distance but I thought I would have lots of time to work with my horse. So I drove up front and parked the truck. As I was walking to the barn to get my halter I heard it. The rain was coming towards me from the back of the barn. I could hear it on the tin roof, just a little bit at first and then it got louder and louder and I saw the drop coming for me. I ducked into the barn and grapped the halter, hoping the rain wouldn't last long. But by the time I got the halter and went back outside it was pouring, huge, warm drops. I ran to the truck and waited for a while, but it didn't look like it was planning to stop anytime soon. So I drove home and it was barely raining there. Maeve was hiding underneath the bay window in a hole she dug in the flower bed. The lighting was really beautiful after that rain. It is hard to describe. It was like an amber coloured glow. I should go wake Eric up so he can sleep in our bed instead of on the couch. Poor guy is so tired lately.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


... I wish I had more of them. I mean, I have alot of people that I hang out with, but other than Eric I don't really have any close friends. There is a great group of girls that I occasionally hang out with, but thats the thing. Occasionally. I don't know why, but I never make an effort to hang out with them. I want to, but it always seems like things always come up. Now I am feeling lonley and it is my own fault. I really need a best friend. Eric is my best friend, but I need a girl. I need someone that I can talk to about anything, and that won't judge me, that understands mme, that can talk about girl stuff with me, and that will only be best friends with me ( i know, i am selfish, but you can't have more than one best friend, really, think about it.) Maybe I am just destined to never have one... I dunno. I really should go to Sarah's cabin this weekend and spend some time with friends but I have so much that I could do at home.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I was just relaxing on my couch, watching TV. My dogs were sitting beside me, Paris happily chewing on her Nylabone when I saw them. At least 10 little brown dots frolicking on Paris' neck. Leaning in for a closer look I shreiked "FLEA. PARIS HAD FLEAS. ERIC! PARIS HAS FLEAS!!!" Eww. I jumped up, panicing, franticly searching for my cat's flea spray. It took me a while to find it. All the dogs got coated in it, and tomorrow they will all get the meds. I think Remy brought it into the house, because he just got here today, and suddenly I find lots of fleas on all my dogs he played with. I just felt something crawling on my back and I reached back and picked off a flea. Eww. They are all over me. I can't believe my dogs are infested with fleas, I take such good care of them. They are very clean. I just want to cry. I feel like they are all over me, everywhere. I feel itchy all over. This is horrible. I am showering now.

Today I went to the city to get my passport. I stopped in at Petcetra, hoping to get a harness for Remy. I didn't find one, but I did find a really great deal. I have always wanted to do agility with my dogs, but the supplies are so expensive. While I was browsing, I saw a great agility starter kit, but it was 60 bucks, so I thought to myself I would like to buy that someday cuz it is pretty cheap for a starter kits. The tunnel alone can be 35 bucks. As I was thinking that, I looked up at the sign above them and saw "50% off. $29.95" Well, I can't pass that up. So i bought it and set it up as soon and I got home. I have ran Maeve and Paris through it already. Maeve had lots on fun and got really hyper. Paris also really loved it, and she even started to get the weave poles. Maeve has not got that yet. I can't want to do more. Eric is going to build me the A-frame, a pause table and the dogwalk! I love it so much already. It is a great way to exersice my dogs (and myself) and have fun with them as well. I AM GOING TO SHOWER NOW.....ewwwwwww.

Friday, August 17, 2007

All By Myself.

Tonight I am all alone. Eric went a day early to Charles' wedding for the rehersal so I have to go by myself tomorrow. Maybe I can get a ride with someone. Again, it has been forever since I posted. Maeve is doing great, having a blast runnning around outside. Zaiyah's foot is still hurting, I think I have to start wrapping it again. I just want it to heal already so I can ride her this summer. I don't think that is going to happen now. I am so sad. I am watching Aquamarine right now, it is keeping me company. LOL. I didn't have any supper, I think I am going to make KD. I really don't have much to post. I am really excited about Europe now, I can't wait to go. We have been doing alot of planning lately.

Last week we did VBS, it was WaterWorks Park and it was lots of fun. I did crafts and Eric taught. We had almost 30 kids this year! It was crazy! Crazy but good. I had lots of fun crafts to do. I just wish we had a better place to do it other than tents in a parking lot. I will write better stuff another day, I am off to eat supper @ 11:20 and watch this movie.

Friday, August 03, 2007

About Buster!

Didn't you just love my last post, so in-depth and personal! I was just going to save it as a draft cause it was late at night and I didn't want to finish posting, but I guess I accidentally posted it. Anyways, my pups got their vaccines the other day and the Dr. said they are all healthy and they look great! That made me very happy, I have tried so hard to care for those babies as best I can! And Maeve got her pins out yesterday. I am so happy! Except now I am nervous that it is not strong enough and we should have left the pins on for longer! I hope she will be OK. She will still need a while longer of inside rest before she can be set free again. Also, Lisa came to see my horse yesterday and she found that Zaiyah has an abscess on the bottom of her hoof, so now I have to put a poultice wrap and keep her confined and give her antibiotics for a week or so. Poor thing. I just wish she would get better so I could finally ride her. Yesterday Eric came with me to Jim Symy-somethings' house to get some bales for Zaiyah. He has this little 6 month old Basset Hound puppy that was following us and playing in the bales when we were loading them. He was so cute. Eric thought his name was Buster. I was like "No way that is not his name" So Eric called him Buster the whole time we were there. When we were driving up to the house to pay, I took a guess on what his name would be. I said Patches, but I really didn't think that would be it so I was trying to think of a different name. I just couldn't think of anything that suited him so I stuck with Patches, knowing that would probably not be his name. Eric was sure it was Buster anyways, but I was quite adamant that it was not. So I got to the house, paid, and asked what his name was. She say," Oh! That's Buster"!!!!!! I could not believe it. What are the odd Eric would get it right. Ha! I got back to the truck and Eric and I laughed hard about it. I thought for sure that would not be his name. Eric was very proud of himself. It was good though, it put him in a better mood cause he was mad he had to come to Arborg to get bales with me. He was happy all the way home. God works in funny little ways.

This weekend is Icelandic Festival in Gimli, and I know Eric and the guys will want to be there ALL weekend. I have to head to the city one day thought to pick up some VBS craft supplies and to get some stuff for the puppy babies! I still need to develop some pictures for their albums they are going home with. I also need to get a new printer or something. I need to make my home sheets and all that stuff for them. I am going to be so sad to see them go. They are so adorable. I am sure Eric will be glad though. He hates my dogs so much.

Kelly Ann has a blog, you should check it out! I will be adding it to my sidebar soon, she just started it. I got my new glasses today! Everybody likes them so far, but I really don't like wearing glasses. I just got them as a back up and to wear in the mornings and before bed. Sometimes I need to do stuff quick in the mornings but I don't have time to put my contacts in or I already have my contacts out and night and need to do something. I am so blind without anything. Keith and Stacey just had a baby girl! She is so adorable! I can't wait to have a baby, I think it's time. I really want one, or six. We'll start with one though. I just want to be a stay at home mom and work from home. I am tired of driving to work everyday. I love being at home doing housework and stuff. I LOVE IT! It makes me happy. When I had a few weeks off last spring when we first moved here I loved being able to stay at home and work or go to town and do errands. It sucks doing it after work because I hardly have any time at home after work at it is. And I can never make it to the bank on time. Argh, one day it will be over, all the driving and stress. I should go to be now though, I am wiped, today has been CRAZY.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I think his name is Buster, he looks like a Buster!

Yesterday all my babies came to work with me for their vaccines.
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