Monday, October 19, 2009

I LOVE Fall!

It's been a while. I really just haven't taken the time to sit down and write for a while. Today is a gorgeous fall day. I have spent most of it outside! I used scrap around our yard to build a agility course for my dogs. It is perfect for the Chihuahuas, but the Irish Setters don't even realize half the obstacles are there because they are so small! I love doing agility. I am hoping to build REAL stuff sometime soon so they all can learn properly! Fleury suprised me today. I didn't think she would be able to do anything, cause she is really hard to train. But she caught on very quickly and she is loving it! I worked with them for over an hour today. I am going to be sad when winter comes and I can't do it anymore. I am hoping we might be able to use the barn in the winter!

I also got a new kitten, Sevens, because Spitfire took off. I haven't seen him for over a month. :(
I haven't ridden since the trail ride, mostly becase we got almost TWO FEET of snow! It is mostly all gone now. Just a pile left from when Eric plowed the driveway.

This past weekend we were in the city because I had two conferences. Kelly Ann came with us cause we are parenting her while the real ones are in the East Coast. The first night we stayed at the Kroeker grandparent's GORGEOUS new house. I love it. I want it. Saturday morning I had an awesome Partylite conference and the rest of the weekend I had Manitoba Animal Health Technologists Associasion conference. It was also great. I got to hang out with my friends from college and catch up. That was probably the best part! We stayed at the Club Regent hotel for that night. The pool there is pretty lame, it is like in a tiny corner room. We rented a movie in the room, The Proposal, and ate tonnes of junk that Eric bought during the day. Sunday after my conference we had a delish Thanksgiving meal with Sean and Alyssa at Montanas and then headed home for a youth meeting. We were 5 minutes late and it was at our own house!! OOPS! And everyone was there already. What are the odds everyone shows up on time when we are late! Hehe.

I guess I should go haul water to the horses. I really wish our hose could be fixed soon!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jelly Ann
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spruce Woods Trail Ride

This past weekend I had the priveledge of joining Kathleen and a few other ladies in Spruce Woods for some trail riding. I took my older horse, Chai. It was a great time! The weather wasn't the best, but the riding was awesome. It is such a beautiful place! We met 3 older men there that had been riding there for years, and they were gracious enough to show us around. We would have missed out on some really nice trails if it wasn't for them!! I also heard some pretty interesting stories around the fire there!!! Spruce Woods has a really nice Equestrian Campground. It was only 18 bucks for an electrical site and a nice paddock for the horses! I definately would like to go there again. And I know Eric would love to join me!
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