Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Free Zin Frame!

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Good Luck! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

So Close

The cravings hit bad today. I just wanted a moist cupcake with a mountain of icing. Or a chocolate chip cookie, or twelve, fresh out of the oven. I tried to curb the cravings with skinny chocolate, almonds, an apple and drinking copious amounts of water.  But nothing was successful. 

Then I saw it.

A full bag of chipits.

I started convincing myself it was ok to eat them. 

No one would find out. 

I wouldn't have to tell anyone. 

I could lie. 

I prayed. I wrestled with my thoughts. I asked Eric, and then argued when he said no. 

But now I am lying in bed and the bag of chipits lies unopened on the shelf. 

I would consider today a win. 

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

One Week Down

I have officially made it through a full week of my No Sugar New Year. I will be honest, it has been pretty easy so far. The hardest thing I have done so far is to go into the bakery for some kuba dogs. The smell of the sweet treats triggered major cravings. Luckily my husband was there to say no. I have also had one really bad candy craving, but thats about it! My hopes are high and I have lasted longer than I predicted so far! Only 51 more weeks to go.

Actually, I have the rest of my life to go. Once the new year comes I will probably add in honey, but I still want to avoid sugar for the most part. Diabetes runs in my family, and with PCOS I can't afford to have sugar be a regular part of my life. I will probably have it on special occasions.

Something that has helped my sugar avoidance was my new oral appliances for my TMJ problems. I am supposed to eat with them in, but it is difficult. And taking it out makes my jaw ache, so it is WAY easier to say no to snacking now.

I also haven't been feeling great. Since weaning Tallet in Mid-November Aunt Flo has been here to visit. I am feeling pretty tired these days. I got some bloodwork done, so hopefully they can figure something out and stop this. I also have an appointment at Heartland on the 27th. Hoping to figure out a plan for baby #2! 

Saturday, January 04, 2014

No Sugar New Year

Has it really been almost 3 months since my last post? Yikes, talk about quiet. In my defence I have been quite the busy lady getting ready for the craft sale season and such, I didn't have much time for extras like blogging.

In fact I have many other things I could be doing now while Tallet naps, but I wanted to share about my new challenge I have given myself.

I have declared 2014 my No-Sugar New Year. I have challenged myself to go without sugar for the entire year. Today is Day 4 and so far so good.

I am looking to my Trim Healthy Mama book a lot. I am not going completely back on plan just yet, but they have a lot of great sugar free recipes. Yesterday I made a chocolate nut slab, fudge and tummy tucking ice cream, all of which are amazing. With recipes like that, it will be easy to stick to this.

My biggest challenge however will not be at home, it will be when we are at others people's places and they serve treats. It will be hard to say no. But as long as I know I have yummy chocolate fudge waiting for me in the freezer, I should be good.

Eventually, I would like to go fully back on the THM plan, but I need to take baby steps. Every time I start something new I go all-in, and I never stick to it. I want to make one small change at a time, and hopefully it will stick for life. If all I do for this entire year is give up sugar, then so be it. There is always next year to make another change. I have been dieting on and off for 12 years. If I make 1 small positive change for the next 12 years and actually stick to them, I will be way further ahead then trying to make a enormous life change all at once.

I am hoping to blog a bit more as well. Even thought I am sure the few readers I did have long since abandoned this page. At least it will be here for me to read back on one day!

Happy New Year Everyone! 
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