Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cleaner House

Today I spent lots of time cleaning the house. I got all the dishes done, did lots of laundry swept, vaccumed, cleaned the bathroom. But it still feels like my house is a mess! Me and Eric have to plan a day together to clean and organize the spare room. I found homes for two bunnies!! I am so excited. Actually 3 of them found homes. Only two more babies to go. Then I have to find places for the older baby and the mom and dad and then I can clean out that room. It will be such a relief. I just hate it in there. It is covered in straw and it looks like a barn.

Eric set up my new desk on Monday night. It is great being able to sit up straight and type. It was also just in time for this thing I am doing for a woman at work. I have to type out 6 hours of interviews. It will be nice to make some extra money. I just have to get the tapes from her husband yet.

I found a stud for Paris.... such a relief. He is in Larier, MB, abour 3 hours from here. The fee is 400, so I hope she has a couple babies to pay that off. I think Eric got saturday off so I don't have to drive all that way alone! Yay! Anyways I should go, Eric want to play Phase 10 with me. I will probably get mad, cuz he always wins.Grrr.....

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I feel good....

Right now.. at this very moment, I am happy! It is a great feeling. Lately I have felt really distant from Eric, possibly cuz he has been gone almost every night this week, and I have been staying home, alone and lonely. I was usually in bed or asleep when he got home, so I felt like I never saw him. I was starting to get really frustrated. The other night he made an effort to spend time with me after he got home, and we played Boggle. He hates Boggle and I always beat him really bad. I was so glad that even though he hates Boggle, he offered to play it with me cuz he loves me and wants to spend time with me. Even little things like that mean so much to me. I love that I have a great husband, that loves me fiercly and wants to spend time with me. He is amazing!

Today we went to Dennis Kroeker's funeral. It was definatly a tear jerker. His grandson Niko played the piano and it was amazing. Also someone made a really good slideshow that had lots of good, and funny pictures in it. It was really sad, but it was also really good.

I can't wait until all the snow melts and I can ride my horse. I want to go out and ride her tommorow but I am chicken, cuz I have never ridden her before. I am scared she will try and pull something funny. But I am just itching to ride. She really needs to be ridden though, I can see she has lost some muscle mass over the winter from not being ridden. She doesn;t look as good as she used to. Meghan, who I work with at Arborg, has horses. She as taught me lots already. I hope one day we can go riding together.

Paris is finally coming into heat and I am so excited. The stud I was going to use got neuter last week, so I have to find a new one, but I think I have found one. I can't wait to have little chihuahua puppies running around! MY DREAM! I can't wait to have lots of dogs and have puppies all the time! I love dogs sooo much! I know, I am crazy..........

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I joined Curves!

So I finally broke down and joined Curves. The sign up fee (normally like 200) was free from march 1- 11th if you brought a bag of food. So I just cleaned out our cupboards of all the stuff we would never eat. I wish I could have sent more but the bag was already overflowing. I didn;t think I would enjoy it, but I actually really love it. It is so simple and quick, and it is such a positibe environment. They will also talk to you about eating right and all that stuff when you are there. I can't wait to go back on Monday... and I also can't wait to get in shape so I can go shopping at any store and know the clothes will most likely fit me. Cuz right now I am basically confined to Old Navy and Wal-Mart, and that is just not cool.

This weekend has been a sad one. Dennis Kroeker drowned in the ocean while on a missions trip in Nicaruagua on Saturday evening. Also, Stephanie's mom passed away after a long battle with cancer. Anyone who reads this, please pray for those two families. It is never easy losing a loved one, I know from experience.

It' About Time..

Here are the pictures I said I would post, plus a few extras!!

Our Kitchen Before

Our Pantry Before

Our Kitchen After (sorry it's dark)

Our Pantry After

Our Dining Room After

Our Dining Rom After (soooo messy!)

Our Living Room After (and our new couches!)

Another view of living room (sorry it's blurry)

Our awesome rug close up!

Me trying to steal Fleury's bone.... lol

Hope you enjoyed.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fixed truck... and lamenting for Europe...

It has been a while since a post! I guess my life isn't that exciting, but I will still tell you about it, hahaha! We finally got our truck fixed, it has been shaking alot lately, so loud I had to crank my music to hear it. Also one of the headlights was burnt out. So even though we spent any hope of saving money for Europe this month, it is nice having a smooth riding vehicle. I still want a new one though... but not till after Europe. I would love to get a 4x4 truck. It is NOT fun getting stuck in 2 inches of snow with the stupid S10.

I love beer commercials, they are the funniest. The one I just watched was the best I have seen in a while. There is this guy that is talking about how canadians done care or know anything abour beer the whole commercial. Meanwhile, he is not noticing an angry canadian mob who has heard all the things he was saying, and has bound him and board him on a plane to who-knows-where. At the very end when he is being loaded on the plane he says "If Canadians really care so much about beer, then I must be completly oblivious to everything around me"/.... You have to watch it to get the full effect, but it is awesome. I don;t even know what beer it is for.

I've started working at Arborg wed-fri now. It has been pretty slow lately, and really boring. I hope it picks ups or I am going to want to go back to Gimli. But I really love working with Meghan. For those of you who don't know her, she is Adam Gregory's wife (son of Lee & Cathy Gregory). She is such a fun person to be with, and we get along great. I love her. We have lots of similarities too. Like we both are pretty newly married. (she just got married this summer) We both love horses (she is going to give me jumping lessons whenever she gets her certification for that) and we both can't wait for our husbands to buy into their parents farms so we can be housewifes and have our own businesses!

I have been thinking alot about Europe lately. I cannot wait to go. We have no money saved up yet cuz things keep coming up we need to pay ( like our truck), and we are still paying off some debt. But hopefully soon we can start saving up. There is no way we are putting it off another year. I cannot wait that long!

I looked at come chihuahua puppies today. There is one tiny cute male I want, but the price is 700, and that is way too much for a chi without papers. I am going offer her 500 for him, hopefully she will take it. Anyways, we are watching a movie now so I should go pay attention!

I will post some new pics soon!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Painting The Kitchen!

We are finally painting our kitchen! I textured all the walls yesterday, we primed today and are putting on the first coat right now... well eric is anyways. The walls are Solaris (dark yellow) and the pantry cupboard and closet are Prayer Flag ( dark red). I am not sure how much I like it yet. The yellow would have been fine. But the red makes the room look alot smaller. But the red also makes it look warm and cozy and like a home. I love the colors, they match great and give me the mexican look i wanted. I just need some decor to match and complete the room. I just have to get used to the room looking smallers. I am not that great of a designer, but I try. Not that it looks horrible, just really different. I will post picutres when I am done.

Today we had College and Career at our place. Sarah and Jay brought Taco Salad that was very good.... thanks guys! We played a few rounds of Mafia, and I lead bible study. I was really nervous about leading, it was my first time every. I talked about differences in beliefs within our own churches, and with other denominations, and how we shouldn't fight about our differences, but help eachother out, beause we all have the same goal in mind... worshipping God and bringing others to Christ. I hope it made sense to everybody, I am not that great of a leader. I think it went ok.....

I should go help Eric paint now....

( The Font Colours are similar to our paint colors)
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