Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old and New

Last weekend a bunch of friends came over to help us replace our deck. It was much needed! I am so happy with how it turned out, and very grateful to the people who made it happen!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Stressed Out

I wish I was one of those people that handles all situations calm, cool, collected, and with a sense of humour. But sadly I am not. I get stressed very easily. I always plan to start the day out happy, but I always let something get to me and I get stressed, whether it is my job, finances or infertility. It probably doesn't help that I don't get enough sleep. But I also thing a big part of it is that I rarely allow myself to just relax. I am always doing something. I think I need to make a point of relaxing.

Some things I plan on allowing myself to do more often: having a bath, reading, using my footbath, going to monthly massage therapy again (I wish it was daily), getting a pedicure every now and then, and I have even thought about going to get acupuncture!

Something I tried today was "turning my frown upside down". Today Eric did something that he thought was funny, but I didn't, and I just got upset. But then I decided I would laugh about it. It was amazing how much better I felt. My fake laughter turned into real laughter. Instead of being annoyed at my husband, I adored him! I am definitely going to try to do that more often!

What do you do to de-stress?

Running Week 10 of 10!

I just couldn't wait until the end of the week to post! This morning I ran for 20 minutes without stopping! 10 weeks ago I could not have even imagined this being possible! But it is! This morning was very hot and humid, even at 630 am. It make it much more tiring to run, but I didn't struggle to finish the 20 minutes! All thanks to God for giving me the motivation to start this running program, and to stick to it! I could not have done it without Him.

Now to change up the diet and drop some of this weight already!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Running Week 9 of 10

Last week I ran 10 minutes, walked 1, ran 10 for a total of 20 minutes running! The first day it was pretty easy, but the last 3 days were brutal. I didn't get enough sleep (6 hours or less) and I wasn't feeling that great. The first two days I made CRAZY distance, I think because it was so cold that I was running harder to stay warm!

Tomorrow I run for 20 minutes at time. I am *SO* excited to try it out, yet nervous that I won't be able to do it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Running Week 8 of 10

Last week I complete Week 8 of running! The schedule was run 8, walk 1 x 2, then run 2 for a total of 18 minutes running. I didn't push myself too hard, and it was doable! Jumping it up an extra two minutes was not so bad. I am still waiting to loose some weight as a result of this, but Eric and I are going to follow a meal plan starting sometimes this week. It will be nice to be told which recipes to make. It gives us a shopping list for the week, then we just make what it tells us! So many times we get home and have NO clue what to make for supper, so this will help. I am NOT referring to a diet, because they don't work for me! We will see...

Saturday, August 14, 2010


We had our appointment at Heartland yesterday. We got there extra early, because I was so paranoid about missing it!

Dr. K was an interesting man, to say the least. He greeted us and took us into the room. We sat down and he said "So you make sperm and you make an egg when given drugs". Then he proceeded to read our file, and about 10 seconds later he was groaning and said "I need to take some tums. Do you guys want some?" We kindly refused. He continued to read the file, without saying anything, for what felt like an eternity. So long that the silence got akward. He was making all sorts of odd expessions. I didn't know if I was supposed to say something or not. He also kept glancing out the window (he had a great view), and finally started fretting about whether a tornado was coming towards us!

Oh dear, I thought to myself, this guy has no clue what is going on. Then we talked about weight loss, and how there is only a 30% chance that will help, anyways. He told me I could go off metformin, which is awesome. I told him about my running, and he said that it might interfere with ovulation, and that I should not run that much. And then I asked him how much is too much, and he told me not to train for a marathon! Lol. Well yeah, I doubt running for 20 minutes in the morning will affect my ovulation, buddy.

In the end, I got sent for some bloodwork, got some meal plans and healthy living literature (yeah, because I don't know any of that already, weight doesn't just disapear the minute you start working on it, and your "miracle" photocopied meal plan is not going to do that either. I wish), and we are trying clomiphene again. We have a follow up appointment in 2 months.

I am disapointed. I was hoping for something more drastic I guess.I just really think the clomiphene is not going work, because it didn't last time. This guy in a reproductive endocrinologist, so he should know what is going on right? I have to trust him. But I just feel like we are wasting even more precious time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Call

Today I got the call that my appointment at Heartland Fertility Clinic is moved up from October 18th to THIS FRIDAY!! I am so pumped! I cried at work and had my coworkers jumping up and down for me and giving my hugs!

I feel like I have been given back some hope! God is certainly great.

I am so thankful the waiting time has been cut short, it was killing me. I am excited to get things moving forward again. I can't wait to be a mom!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Our vacation

I will not bore you too much with the details, but we had a great time last week on our summer vacation. It was much needed, I was really needing a break from work!

The first weekend at lilac was fun. We spent most of our time swimming, eating, naping and just hanging out with family. Eric went to the bombers game on saturday with Robert, while my mom and I napped. Hahaha.

Sunday we left Lilac for Star Lake. It was a great week. I ran every morning, and it was tough! I usually ate breakfast then napped before lunch. One morning Eric, Terry, Eloa and I attempted to bike to Falcon Lake. It was a hard bike ride with lots of uphills. We biked for 1 and 40 minutes! I wore my heartrate monitor and it said I burnt 2000 calories!! We didn't make it all the was to Falcon because it was taking too long and we wanted to make it back for lunch. The rest of the time was spend swimming, boating, reading, playing games, relaxing. It ended far to quickly.

Then Eric and I headed to Fargo for the long weekend. We went to the small border crossing at Tolstoi and waited for almost 2 hours to cross the border! It was insane! We got to Fargo far later than we expected. But, luckily we still had time to swim in the pool!! The hotel was great, and it was a good deal for everything it offered: pool/hot tub, microwave and fridge in room, king bed, free breakfast, fitness center. Saturday we shopped, Sunday we went to the Zoo (which had very few animals) and watched a movie. Monday we headed home after stopping at a few stores.

We were going to have lunch at the Texas Roadhouse in Grand Forks on the way home, but it didn't open until 4. So we looked across the street and saw the Golden Corral. We had hear it was good from several people, so we decided to try it out. It was horrific. The food was not bad, but there was so much. It was obscene. I felt like we were cattle being let in the gates to the troughs. I was so ashamed to be in there. I felt so guilty eating there that I barely ate anything!

After that experience, we heading home. I am glad to be home, I missed my animals, but it is just so good to get away for a while!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Running Weeks 5, 6 & 7 of 10

A very brief running update! Can't believe I have missed so many weeks.

Week 5 was run 4, walk 1 x four. It was pretty good!

Last week I ran in the Whiteshell with Eric. There was a lot of uphills (and downhills), that made the run alot harder! I ran 5 min, walked 1 x 3, then ran 2 minutes.

This week I am running 6, walking 1 x 3. This morning was the first morning running at home (yesterday I ran on the treadmill at the hotel), and it was relatively easy! I cannot believe how far I can run!

It is really hard to believe that in 2.5 short weeks I will be running for 20 minutes at a time! I can't wait for this to get easier!
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