Friday, February 29, 2008

Progressional Supper!

I have never been to one before, so I was soooo looking forward to tonight! It was AWESOME! We had so much fun. We started at Terry and Eloa's, Terry drove the tractor and there was trailer with straw bales on the back. We had a great time throwing people off of the trailer into the ditch, the snow was soft most of the time. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. We stopped at Wilma's first for Hot Chocolate. Then we went to Stan and Luella's for Nachos. Then Roger and Anita's for Lasagna. Then Bryan and Kathleen's for ceasar salad. Then we ended at Terry and Eloa's for dessert. All the food was amazing! We all had so much fun playing in the snow. I am so happy! I love love love being part of youth!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I just realized I am wearing the same shirt in every picture below...

Sad thing is they were all taken on different days.

New Curtains

I made these for the kitchen the other day. I have never made curtains before. What do you think?


Bowling yesterday was fun. I had tonnes of energy, but I just crashed when I got home. The kids are really fun, I had a great time. I love being part of youth. It is my favorite. I suck at bowling really bad though. LOL.

This week has been crazy at work. I have been the only one there this week and things have been coming it without an appointment like crazy! I think it is cause of the full moon. Today I had to work as well. But today ended up really great. I worked in Gimli until almost 12 and then I helped Lisa with an emergency at Arborg. Once we were all done that, I got to leave at 3. YAY! It was so nice to be home early. Plus it was so beautiful out I wanted to enjoy it a bit. I even had time to feed the horses with light outside! It was really nice. It felt a little like spring. I really hope that it will be early this year for once!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sooooo Tired....

Today I am wiped. I meant to go to sleep early last night but I ended up getting to be about 2 hours later than planned! Brutal. And work has beencrazy busy cause I have been all by myself. Now I still have a full work day ahead of me and Junior Youth Bowling! Maybe I will nap inbetween...

It is so hard to get up to go to Curves. I have to leave the house at 6:30! I did it on Wednesday though, and I am so proud of myself!!! I think I will go after work today and try and kill time before bowling!

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I just realized ( about 5 minutes ago) that God has healed me of something I have been dealing with for 8 months! I just went to the doctor about it yesterday, and he pretty much guaranteed me it would resolve itself in 4 months, never did I think it would be the next day! I am just so excited I have to shout it from the mountain tops! Praise God the perfect Father who never lets you down even when you have lost hope! I could just cry!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Babies!!

I am so excited! Fleury is officially pregnant! This morning I ultrasounded her myself and saw 3 for sure, and I thought I saw one more. Then this afternoon Dr. Slezak wanted to see them, and she counted FIVE! WOW. There are 4 for sure, but she is pretty sure there is 5 in there. That is sooo many. Too many for little Fleury. This is going to be more work than Paris' litter, I think. I hope she will do ok. I am already expecting one or two to not make it. I can't keep my hopes too high because she is so small. But hopefully they all make it. More puppies = more fun, Eric even agrees! I will pray for her everyday too. It might sound silly to you, but I did for Paris and everything went so smoothly for her! She is getting a belly already too, and she is only 4 weeks! She is going to be huge! I will post pics of her growing on their blog like last time, if I can make it work. I don't have internet yet, and won't until we get highspeed. I can'twait until she has them! So much fun!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Greece Pictures To Blow Your Mind...Double The Fun

Valentine's Day

I guss I have to post more if I want people to keep reading this, eh? Jobina threatened me today! LOL! It is hard when you don't have internet at home and no time at work and you just want to go home after work! I think we will get high speed soon though, so it will be nice. I will blog all the time!

Anyways, this Valentine's Day was awesome! I left it up to Eric to plan this year, cause I usually do. We decided no gifts cause we have no money. This year ended up to be one of the best! He made me supper and took me to the cabin and lit a bunch of tealights. It was very romantic. For "phase 1" of supper, as he called it, he made an amazing baked feta cheese dish, for "phase 2" he made "7" grilled cheese sandwiches and vanilla milkshakes for desert. It was dill-icious. It was so yummy. I ate so much that I went on the bunk and slept for the rest of the night! I couldn't sleep on my left side cause my tummy was so full.

That's it. Goodbye. Click-clok-clak-scheeck--schoot-n'uh!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Those crazy Irish...

Two nights ago Maeve was INSANE inside the house. She had soooo much energy! So we let her off leash outside. Bad Idea. She was gone all night long and was still not back in the morning. On my way to work I saw her near the apartments so I had to go get her. It took a little, well more like alot, of coaxing and she finally came to me. My conclusion from all this is.... she cannot be let off leash any more cause of that stupid stray dog around... and that I need to walk her twice a day so she can burn off energy and won't be so crazy inside. Last night I took her for a walk. We walked all the way to the farm and got a ride home with Eric! This morning it was only 10 minutes, and I will try to walk her again tonight.

I guess that is pretty good motivation to go for a walk. She NEEDS it! And so do I!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ebay Listings!

Here is a link for one of my listings. You can view the others from that one.

This is the item name if that doesn't work:

Handmade Flannel Rag Baby Quilt, Pink & Purple, Soft

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


So my teeth seem to be healing well. YAY! I am so glad to have that over with.

As for all the changes in my life, it is a struggle, I knew it would be. I haven't been excerising much cause I hurt my back almost 2 weeks ago, and if I work out I can barely walk after! But tomorrow I am going to the doctor to see what he can do about that. I have never had such bad lower back pain than this before. Seeing as how you can use one appointment for more than one problem, I will probably pick another random problem out of the medical mixed bag I get to live with! One day I will have it all figured out.

Anyways, I am starting up College and Career again, so I am back to updating that blog if you want to check it out.

If anyone wants a good baby gift, I am putting 5 rag quilts I have made up on ebay tonight. They are really cute. My inner entreprenuer (spellling?!?!?!) want to make lots of them to sell and possibly have an online store one day. It is something I love doing so it should be fun. We will see how these sell before I make. Who knows, maybe one day soon I will have a giveaway and one of my four (if there is even that many) readers can win one. Maybe. One more reason to get high speed internet!

I just ate a whole box of chocolate covered raisins... not at all healthy food. But tonight I will make myself a nice stirfry, I have all the ingredients for that. It is hard to eat healthy when you have no money for groceries! Then I will probably play the Sims 2 all night and try not to kill myself or ruin my relationship with Eric this time! LOL

Oh yeah, this morning I saw a horrible accident on the pine dock road. I think everyone is ok, but all the way to work I was just worrying about the people in the car. Please pray for those involved and that they will be alright, I'm not sure if it is right to post names here.
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