Friday, June 29, 2007

Some pictures finally

I haven't posted any pictures in a long time so my blog has been boring. Here is something to look at finally.

Maeve sleeping, all legs intact.

My horse, Zaiyah

Korey working at the barn with Eric.

He loved it.

He was there for like 5 hours and didn't want to leave.

Maeve, with the pins in her leg. the picture is blurry, sorry.
All my babies! SO CUTE!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Today started out good. I woke up with lots of time to get ready, and it still felt like I slept in. I even had time to feed the babies. Work was kind of slow today so it was kind of relaxing. And then in the afternoon I checked my e-mail and things went downhill from there. The woman I am supposed to buy my new puppy from e-mailed and let me know how the pup was doing. Well.. it turns out the vet told her his testicles have not dropped yet, and they should have by now. If they do not drop, it is called cryptorchidism, and they should not be used for breeding. But today she said she could feel at least one of them, so with him being a chubby puppy, and a very small pup it could be easy to not be able to feel them that well. I hope everything works out. I was really looking forward to getting him. But the breeder is being so great about everything, and she said she would refund my deposit if they do not drop, so that is really nice. But for the whole day today before I got her return e-mail this evening, i was distraught. I couldn't just throw away 200 bucks and loose my deposit, but driving all that way and buying a puppy that would be no use in my breeding program is not what I would want either. ARGH! I feel a little better now though, because the breeder is so great about it.

The rest of the day was busy, as usually. Today we shaved a gross Pomeranian from the animal shelter that was found in a bush by hudson. It was so dirty and matted and SO THIN. All around it's neck were ticks and scabs and scars from so many ticks. Poor thing. We gave it really good nutritious food to help fatten it up . Then I WENT TO CURVES! and it was great! I worked out hard. It was nice to go there again. I haven't been there in forever! I feel so bad for slacking so much. Then I came home, ate and went to a meeting. After work I lunged Zaiyah for a while until it started getting dark. I really need to spend more time with her. I think I am going to go there tommorow morning and work her a bit before the farrier comes. I also should groom her a bit and clean her legs. They are filthy from so much rain and mud. Anyways I should go and feed my puppies, it is getting late. Tonight is the first night I am feeding them puppy food. I should take pictures of them too!


I HATE THE RAIN RIGHT NOW! I mean, i usually like rain, it is refreshing, but lately it has been way to much. Overdosed for sure. Life is still busy as ever. I really can't keep up. Today I bought half the stuff I need to make my fence out front, i expected to spend like 100, but it ended up being 300. And i still have at least 200 more dollars of stuff yet to get. ARGH. It makes me second guess building a fence there, no matter how bad I want it. I wish money would fall from the sky right now. I have no idea how we are going to save enough to go to Europe, yet I can't imagine not going. It would be devastating. We have been dreaming of it for years already. And now Eric is having surgery and will not be making much money for pretty much the rest of the summer. Maybe I should not have bought this puppy, but in the long run I will be glad I did, because i will need him to be at breeding age next spring, and buying one at any other time would be too late. It is so hard to get ahead in life. Maybe after all my dogs start having puppies everything will even out. These puppies of Paris will actually pay for everything. But we want to use some of that money for Europe. I hate money. I wish it wasn't around and everything was more simple. I wish you could live without it. It is so late, 1:45 am. I should get to bed. I should never of went to town. We got back at almost 12 and I still had to change Maeve's bandages, feed the dogs, feed the puppies and pay bills. I am going to be so tired and grumpy tommorow....

Monday, June 25, 2007

A new baby!

So yesterday was Terry & Eloa's 25th Anniversary BBQ, and it turned out really good. There was lots of people there and I think everyone had a good time. I would love to post pictures of it but I didn't take ANY! NONE AT ALL. That is so horrible. But anyways, it was fun. I was stressing out about the drink and ice situation for a while, but we actually ended up taking LOTS of drink home. Oh well. The cooler for the drinks was a canoe filled with ice, which I thought was the best idea ever (so did everyone else) and I would have been so sad if it didn;t work. It was a beautiful day, with a nice breeze every now and then. We made posters of pictures throughout thier marriage, and I think people really enjoyed those. I am glad it is over though, one less thing on my plate.

All my babies eyes are open now. They are soooooo much cuter. I think I am going to post them on a few sites soon. I would like them to all find homes before they are ready to go. I think I have homes for two already. They are trying to walk now too, one of them is pretty good. He just motors around, pretty fast for a little guy. My little girl, Hazel, was trying to climb into the bed today, but she is so wobbly, so she fell backwards and hit her head on the cage and started crying. She is pretty brave but definatly the loud mouth of the group. She cries the most.

I have been working with my horse a bit lately, and she is doing really good. I hope soon I can put and saddle on her and a few times after that ride her. I am still pretty timid. I am scared to get on her honestly. I have never been like this around horses, I don't know why I am so suddenly like this around them. It might be cause the last time I rode a horse I got bucked off and hit my head on the ground hard and was very sore and could barely move my neck for days. That might be it....

My house is still a mess as usual. I really need a maid I think. I just need to have a week of and get my house in order. I had a bunch of days off last week and it was great. I LOVE NOT WORKING. I love being at home and doing housework, taking care of animals, being able to run to town and go to the bank and post office and everything. It was great. I need to have babies and stay home I think. It's time. I for sure want to be a stay at home mom. I mean I will work breeding dogs and grooming, but it can be on my own time. I really don't think I was made to work for a boss forever. It is just not in me. I might even have an ebay buisiness. Being a farmer's wife I think that will work!

I bought a new puppy!!! Yes... I know, I have enough dogs as it is. But he is my stud for my girls, and if anyone else wants to breed to him I can make money like that as well. He is so cute. He is a Chihuahua of course, black with a little white spot on his chest. He is in Montevideo, Minnesota. A good eight hours away. Does anyone want to go for a ride to the states this weekend? We will do some shopping on Saturday! Cheryl might come with me. I should go clean my house I guess.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Comfortable houses, open eyes and runny noses.

I'm not even sure how long it has been since I had a real post. I even considered not blogging again because I was so far behind, I don't even know where to start. Lately I have felt really busy. I guess with working full time, 5 puppies, a dog with a broken leg, having plans every weekend and cleaning this house I have felt overloaded. I feel like I am struggling to keep up in life. I had the house fairly clean and I was proud of it, and now it is filthy again. But a couple night ago Eric and I tackled the spare room, which was a disaster, a complete disaster. Nothing was organized, and my dogs had been using it as their own private bathroom. It was disgusting. So we organized it. We threw lots of stuff away, put stuff in a yard sale box and I cleaned the rug. Now it is actually presentable. I bought some tubs at Wal Mart yesterday so it will look even better!

For our anniversary, my mom bought us an air conditioner. It is so nice! The one we had last year was so ancient, sucked lots of energy and barely worked at all. You had to sit right in front of it to feel the cold air. We also decided to get a little one for our room, because last year we slept in the living room for a couple nights because it was dealthy hot in our room. It seem a little overboard to have two, but there is no way the one in the living room would reach all the way to the other end of our trailer.

My puppies are doing great. I named the two black ones, Leroy and Hazel . But I can't think of names for anyone else yet. Leroy's eyes are open today. He is so cute. No one else's eyes are open yet though. Maeve is doing really good too. She is even using her leg quite a but. Today she is starting to chew and scratch at her bandage. But that's ok, it is probably getting itchy because it is supposed to be changed today. I am going to wait until Eric gets home to do it just in case she freaks out about it.

I am so sick. My nose is runny, i sneeze all the time, my chest hurts from coughing, and I am constantly clearing my throat because there is always something there. I went home early from work today because I wasn't feeling good. So when I got home I had a nap, make some soup and finished my quilt (finally!). It is so nice. I will post some picture of it soon. I bought the fabric over a year ago in Texas. It like 1o different kinds of plaid. I just need to cut it and wash it. I think I will do that tonight! I should go clean some more, do some laundy, finish my quilt and call about a new puppy!! Hopefully I will update this more often. I bet nobody reads this anymore because I am so useless at posting!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm a grandma!!!

YAY!!! The babies are here!! I am so excited! Check out Paris's Blog for pictures. She is a good mom and didn't need (or does she want) any help with her babies! They are so cute! I will post more later, I am tired and grumpy because for the third year in a row, Canada had a chance at the cup and lost it! This time it was my favorite team, the Ottawa Sentators....I could just scream!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

It has gotten crazier!

Just when I thought life was crazy it just got crazier! Paris is going to pop anytime so she requires extra monitoring. And then Maeve broke her leg on Thursday night just before bed. She was running around loose outside and I was calling her in. She just game ripping towards me at top speed, jumped to get on the deck and didn't quite make it. Her legs and body and head all hit the deck hard and she fell backwards. I knew it was broken right away and I started screaming and crying. I immediatly called Venessa and she was already at the clinic so we took her in. She casted it that night. But the next day when I got home from work her foot was swollen so I knew we had to get it off. So yesteday (Saturday) I went into work and we took the cast off and put a splint on. Yesterday and Today I really noticed she is alot more comfortable and happier with the splint. I still breaks my heart to watch her hobble around. It is so sad. But the vets convinced me to put a pin or two in her leg, so on wednesday she is going to get a pin put in.

Paris has been acting a litte different today, so I am wonding if tonight is the night. Probably, she is going to have her babies tommorow because it is June 4th and Eric has plans for out anniversary which we will probably have to cancel now. I will probably be up all night tonight with her. When I look at her right now it looks like she is starting to pant! I am gettting impatient for these babies to come, but I was really excited about Eric planning suprises for our anniversary. I still am. I think this post is getting really random and I should stop now. Thanks for listening!
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