Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006...

So tonight is the New Years Eve party, and as it gets closer I get less and less excited about it. I am just thinking of all the clean up and stuff I will have to do during and after and it is a little overwhelming.

Right now I have so many emotions running through me. I don't know what to think. I have no idea how people in the community percieve me. Do they think I am a bad person? A bad Christian? I don't know. There are just so many things confusing me right now. I just want someone to talk to, to let it all out with no judgement. But I have no one. I have Eric, but he is not who I need to talk to about this. I need a best friend, a girl friend. I hardly have any friends, and I guess it is my own fault, it just seems that I always push people away and don't know how to let them be close. Honestly, most of the time I just want to stay at home and be with Eric, or even alone. There is just not alot of times I feel like going out anywhere. If it weren't for Eric I would be a hermit. Just me and my animals. But I really don't want to be like that. I want to want to feel like going out and spend time with friends and everything. I feel so lost and confused and sometimes even a little lonely. Maybe 2007 will be better...

Friday, December 29, 2006

New Hair!!

Last night Chantel cut my hair and it looks sooooo good! I am so excited! I am going to dye it today also, so I hope that turns out good. Right now I am at my aunties and soon we are going to make pannekukors or however they are spelled, for new years! I am not very excited about new years, the guys want to have alcohol there but i know there are going to be people there that don't drink. I just wish for one night they could forget about it. I remember one new years there was a big fight about it and it sucked. I just want to have fun. We want to burn a huge round bale at midnight instead of watching a ball drop on tv, way cooler! We just need a safe place to put it. I would be fun to soak it in gas and shoot bottle rockets at it to light it! YES! I love living in the country where we can do great stuff like that.
Sorry for my last post, it was pretty angry, but so was I. I just hate gossip and wish people would get the real story before talking. I hope people didn't take it personally, but sometimes i just need to rant on my blog. Every girl has the right to rant sometimes.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Crazy Busy Day!

Today was soooo busy! But, suprisingly I am in a good mood. Usually I am dead tired and grumpy after a crazy day like this, but not today! It might have something do to with the fact I just had four days off! But maybe not. It started early too. I had to get up at 6:30 so I could make it in time to feed Kathy's horses and my own. And I almost fell asleep on the way to work. But I am ok!.

My Golden Retriever Dixie is staying at my place for a couple days! I am so excited! I love having big dogs. Eric might not be so pumped that she has to stay in the house, but she is good and she stays on her blanket mostly. Tommorow she is coming to work with me to get her shots and exam and stuff.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Well, today is Christmas! We are spending the entire day with Eric's parents and siblings. So far it has been ok. We have played some games and opened presents and ate. Right now everybody is watching kickboxing on TV and it is really boring. I am not in a good mood, as usual I guess. I just wish we would all do something together all day. I hate when people sit around and watch TV or read all day. I guess playing games all day would be boring for some people, but not me. Kelly Ann hates playing games anyways. I got some pretty good gifts this year. I got a bunch of games, a couple dvd's, a watch, candy, the WHOLE willow tree angel nativity scene ( it is soooooooo beautiful, and terry made me a stable to go with it that is also very beautiful and way nicer than the 100 dollar one that is supposed to go with it. I can't wait to set it up. I want to leave it up all year.), baking sheets, a pink frying pan (it is so awesome) and a couple other things. That's all for not, I think we are going to do something now! YES!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I am starting to get really bored and restless at home in the evenings. I don't know what to do about it. I want to do stuff, but I can't ever figure out what I actually want to do. So I just end up watching TV. There is lots of stuff to do at home: I could make quilts, knit, clean the house(there is ALOT of cleaning and organizing i could do), organise the spare room, clean up the bunny room a little bit, read, bake bun or christmas cookies. But I just am not motivated to do any of it. Something is wrong with me, I have gotten terrible lazy at home since I started work in Gimli. It seems like I am gone for so much of the day, and when I get home I am tired and have no motivation to do anything. I wish I could have my own buisiness or work at home or something. I have already bought clippers and I am going to start grooming a couple of my family's dogs. I wish Riverton could support a pet buisiness like that. I would love to have a grooming/pet shop in town.

I also love photography soooooooooooo much. I am saving up for a pretty expensive digital SLR camera, and I would love to take some courses in photography.

I also want to breed dogs and have a boarding kennel. I love dogs and wish I could take care of them all the time as a job. I mean I already do that at work, but that is in Gimli, i would like to have it at home.

There is just so many dreams that I have and working at a vet clinic used to be one of them, but it just isn't anymore. It tires me out so much. I do honestly love what I do, but I have getting home so late all the time and being so tired. My poor husband must be so bored. No wonder he is at hockey 4-5 nights out of 7 a week. I must be so boring.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Love Christmas!!

Last night and today I was working on christmas cards. I have so many to send, and I am sure there are people I forgot, too. But it really put me in the christmas mood. Our tree is up and most of my presents are wrapped and there is Christmas music playing everywhere. I know lots of people say it, but I love Christmas so much. I love hanging out with family, exchanging gifts, eating candy, and thanking God for the precious gift He gave us at this time of year. Sometimes I think Christmas gets too much about presents and too little about Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I love giving and getting presents, but I really think it is important to, above all, remember that it is Jesus' birthday and celebrate that!

It is snowing right now; big, fluffy, beautiful flakes. I love winter up until Christmas. After that it just gets cold and there is nothing to look forward to but spring. I also really wish we had a different vehicle. I hate going to feed my horse and getting stuck everyday. They should not even sell trucks that are not 4x4, especially to farmers. I wish I could bring my horse to my place. I would be so much easier for me to go visit her and feed her and take care of her if she was in my backyard.

Yesterday I got to sleep in soooooo late. It was awesome, I hadn't got to sleep in for a long time and I really needed it. Today I didn't teach sunday school b/c I had cramps so bad it hurt to walk and I felt like puking. So I grabbed the hot water bottle and took some Advil and by 11 I felt good enough to make it to church.

I saw Lois today! I haven't seen her for a long time so it was nice to catch up! I can't wait until our Christmas party/ shower for her. It will be lots of fun. I should really be at home making buns right now. Oh well, I can do that later tonight or next Saturday.

I hope it snows so much I can't make it in to work tommorow, that will be awesome

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Anybody Want A Bunny??

I have lots for sale!! Or maybe to give away, depends which one you want. I have 8, they need homes with people who will love them. They are really cute but I just can't have 8!!

More Pictures!!

My dog's friend, Chico, is visiting for the weekend. They love playing together.

Paris looked like this in almost all the pictures. I don't know why she always gets in an earback mood when I try and take pictures of her. It is so frustrating.
And once she is like that there is no getting her out of it. The only way we got the other good picture is because Eric was knocking on the door.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I love this picture of Fleury, she is so cute!

This is my cat Ryanne, she looks like she is smiling!

We decided to decorate Paris as well as the Christmas tree.

Our sad little tree. I think it is nice though. Check out the tree skirt. It is awesome!

A deer in the Whiteshell, we fed it our of the bathroom window in our cabin. I even touched it's nose!!

My beautiful horse Zia!! (Zeye-Yah)

Do you think they are hungry?

It Has Been So Long...

Wow, it feels like forever since I have posted a blog. I have just been so busy and have not had access to a computer for a long time. But today I bought a new battery for my laptop, 160 bucks later, and now I can blog and add lots and lots of pictures, whenever I want. Except we don't have the internet yet. So I will just steal it from the inlaws.

Today I worked lots of overtime, just like Monday. I hate it because I get home so late and I feel like I have no time in the afternoon. Then I am just grumpy when I get home and it is not good.

Our floor is finished. Eric and his Dad finished it last Thursday. It looks really good. We are just waiting for our furniture. It was supposed to come in 10 days, but when I called there the other day. They said it wouldn;t be coming until after new years. BUT we need it for the new years party. So hopefully they bring it soon.

This is what our old couches looked like

Pretty nice, eh? It had an old sheet on it, I couldn;t decide if it was uglier with the sheet or without. Unfourtunatly I don;t have a picture with the sheet.

This is our paint from out living room, don't you just want to eat, or drink, it?

I think I am going to post some pictures seperate now!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blogging is Too Much Fun!

I absolutley love reading other people's blogs! I know I am not the only one, but I just had to say it. I really suck at keeping up with people, and blogs are the perfect way for me to keep up to date. I already have a long list of ones that I check often. Thats partly why I started this one.

It is about 3:45 pm right now and I am at work. Everyone is gone and it is awesome. There is usually someone here until 4:30. This is a first!! And I am almost done cleaning everything! It is so relaxing. I love my job, everyday is different. (For those who don't know I work at Gimli Veterinary Services in Gimli). Everyday different animals and different people come in, it is so nice. I am the type of person that hates a repetitive job. There are some things that are repetitive, but i don't really mind doing those things. I am listening to Christmas music, LOUD. LOL! People come in and try and talk to me and I am like "WHAT!! PLEASE SPEAK UP". Well, I guess it is not that loud, but I still feel dangerous. The only thing I don't like about my job are the hours. I hate getting home so late everyday, and some days I am sooooo tired when I get home. Oh, also, the pay really sucks. But other than all that , I guess the pro's outweigh the con's.

Our home is still a disaster, but we are done painting the walls. I want to eat them, they look like chocolate! I love it. The floors are half done. They just have to screw down the plywood and put in the laminate, which I think they are doing right now. Yay. Our living room is going to be so nice! I am so excited!

For the last couple of months I have felt so distant from God, lately it has been a little better. I just haven't felt on fire for so long. I used to be so pumped about God and talking about Him to everyone, but now I just feel scared, and I don't even want to bother. It is horrible. I think I just need to focus on Him rather than other things. Money seems to take up alot of my thoughts and it is not good. I wish there was no money, life would be so much more simple. I hate worrying about it all the time. I just wish I could win the lottery and pay off all of our debt and run away to europe. But I guess you have to buy a ticket for that.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Can't See My Blog

For some reason, I cannot go to my blog when i type in the URL. Maybe posting something new will help. So thats all for today.

Monday, December 04, 2006

And so it begins....

On Thursday night we bought some really nice leather furniture, a sofa and loveseat. I really wanted microfibre, in fact we alreay kinda bought some at the brick. But Smitty's delivers and it is way better quality. We still spent more than we wanted to though. Oh well, it is gorgoues and will last us a long time.

We found out on saturday night that we are getting to buy the trailer we live in for the price we want, so on sunday we started moving stuff out. We also got rid of our hideous couches, that kind of came with the trailer. We donated them to the youth, not because they are ugly, but because the youth need it more than the RM of Bifrost dump does.

Our house is a crazy mess right now. For weeks weeks we have had this hole is the floor. We use to have a box over the spot, but it looked to bulky, so we put a "X" out of hockey tape on the floor. Bad idea... the only thing that "X" makes me want to do when I walk by it is step on it, really hard, not avoid it.

So last night Andrew came over and we ripped up the rug, and it turns out this is what the floor looked like under the "X":

Today we are going to Pheonix Lumber to get some plywood and underlay and laminate flooring to put in there. We are also painting it mmmmmm.... chocolate milk brown!! It is so nice. I will post some before and after pictures later.!
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