Saturday, September 19, 2009

Your So Busy. Busy, Busy

My life has honestly been more than crazy lately. I though working part time would help, but my mondays and and fridays get full. Here is an example of last week
Mon & Tues : Driving home from Chicago
Wednesday: work during the day, Paris had agility classes 6-7, auntie has a Everyday Style show which I attended for 15 minutes, then I had a youth meeting
Thursday: work, Partylite show, Andrew's birthday party
Friday: take car into the city for a much needed maintance and cleaning, it had to stay all day and luckily it was done by the end of the day.
and now this week:
Sat (today): Free Comeback Kid concert at the forks, it is Skate for Cancer. I am seriously considering skipping this cause I just want to be at home.
Sunday: Youth meeting
Monday: Massage appointment and Partylite show
Tuesday: work, TV night with Kelly Ann!! YAY, I have missed the last two because I have been so busy!
Wednesday: work, agility classes, first youth of the year
Thursday: work, partylite starter show
Sat: Hair appt. and BCBC reunion.

I am pretty happy for Friday, but I know that I will be cleaning in all that time. That is what I am doing today. My house has suffered greatly in all this busyness. It was so clean.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Waiting for U2!
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Friday, September 04, 2009

Clearly Contacts

Last week I ordered contacts for Eric and I, from Clearly Contacts. I got the presciption over the phone, and I messed it up. I ordered Eric -2.50 instead of -2.75 for one eye. I meant to call and change it, but completely forgot. On Friday just before I left for the youth camping trip, I got a call from Clearly Contacts, to confirm my order! That's when I asked if I could change my order and they let me! I am so impressed with their customer service! Since when do you order something online and they call to confirm it? I think that is awesome, because if they didn't, it would have been much more of a hassle for me to get them exchanged.

Also, I placed my order on Thursday, and received it the following Wednesday! They included a contact case and a pair of sunglasses that Eric likes! Not to mention this was all for 1/2 the price that it costs at the eye doctor! They have a large selection of contacts, they carry glasses starting at $38 and they are Canadian! I will be shopping from Clearly Contacts again!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Like Home

Ever since I have been home from the road trip, it has been go, go, go. I have had a few Partylite shows because I am trying to get that started up again. There is so many other little things to do as well, I feel like I have barely been home. I have snuck a few hours here and there in the evenings, but not much. I just miss my home. Not to mention it is a total disaster. Far from the clean organized space I was SO CLOSE to having before we left on the trip. Oh, how things can go downhill so quickly.

I have started working at the vet clinic 3 days a week again. I am really enjoying it so far. Last week I helped save a 3 lbs Chihuahua from the brink of death. I managed to get a catheter into his tiny dehydrated veins on the first shot! It was so rewarding to watch him go from cold and lifeless to bouncing around and playing! That's why I do what I do. I am excited to only be working 3 days a week, that will give me more time to focus on Partylite, to care for my animals, and to be a decent housewife. I am actually excited for the fall to come so I can finally have some structure to my life. This summer was good, but it was crazy busy! I just want to feel boredom again! I want to have time to sew! I just need a baby and then I can stay home full time! How awesome would that be?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Right now I am shaking... I just had a terribly rough evening.

My horse Zaiyah just got back from training. The first ride with her went OK, the second was great, the third was rough, and the fourth (tonight) was horrendous. There was so many bugs and lawn mowers and people and shot guns that I got bucked off. It didn't hurt. She was just SO jumpy. And could barely get back on. I bawled once I reached my yard, still on the horse.

Then I decided to take the dogs for a bike ride, and Maeve generally does not go on a leash. Most people have the decency to slow down and go in the other lane. NOT THESE PEOPLE. It was some silver impala or something, and they sped right up to us while i was frantically try to move my bike to the side of the road. Kinda hard when the dog won't move over. Then Maeve jumped out onto the road in front of them, and just as I was about to jump out to save her ( or possible cause them to hit me as well, so they could be charged with murder), they slammed on their brakes. I am determined to find out who they are. They nearly killed one of the more gentle, kind and sweet dogs I have ever met. I am just so angry right now. Not to mention it was dusk. I bawled all the way home.

Thanks to my gracious God that everyone is still in one piece.

That makes it three times sobbing today. Three. Probably the first three all summer.
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