Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Article One

This is the band that was at Abundant Springs! I didn't think I knew them, so I only stayed for one song. Turns out the first song was this one, which I have been hearing on the radio in the last couple months and I really like it! They were great, but I was far to tired to stay and watch them all. Plus concerts are so much better when you know the song! They also lead our worship time earlier in the evening. And I think they wore the exact same outfits at AS as they did in this video! Enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"This Sucks"

The best thing ever happened today. It is pretty windy and stormy out today, as most of us have experienced, so the power went out at about 7:45. It flickered a bunch so I knew it would be out for a while. I had small groups and Eric decided to go to town. I was so happy Christy's house had power. I had a really great night at small groups! I love my girls lots!

Kellly Ann was supposed to come over to watch 90210, but because the power was still off we dropped her off at home. We pulled into our pitch dark driveway and sadly walked into our blackened house. I was thinking of where I put the lighter so we could get all the candles going, and starting to panic cause I could not see anything and I couldn't remember. "This sucks" I said. Not even a 1/2 second later, the lights flicker back on! I was speachless for a while...Thanks God!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Soccer, My Love, Where Have You Been?

NO PUPPIES!! I hardly know what to do with myself. I dropped the last one off in Winnipeg last night, she is going to Red Lake, ON! It is so nice not having any extra mouths to feed and poo to clean up. AND we can finally regain our spare room back and possible even have a decent smelling house again!!

Last night was my first soccer game of the season. I am so excited to be playing again!! I am also coaching PeeWee's this year. I LOVE soccer. I had a blast playing last night, even though we lost quite badly to Morweena. Boy am I sore today though! I am really feeling my age now. Not to mention I did several summersaults in the game! I couldn't be more thrilled though!!! :) :) :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Off the wagon again!

I always get on a roll with blogging only to stop abruptly! I have been so busy lately!

Tonight we attended our first obedience training class for Finn. Eric will be taking him most of the time, but I will be there when I can. He got neutered yesterday, so we are hoping that and these classes will help him to be a more focused and obedient! It will be fun! I wish I could take him all the time! Can't wait to have very obedient dogs!

I LOVE Firefox for two reasons, it spell checks everything you write, and new windows pop up as extra tabs instead of extra windows! GENIUS!

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