Sunday, April 27, 2008

Isn't Sunday Supposed To Be A Day Of Rest?

Well, not for me anyways. I put off all the stuff I was supposed to do yesterday until today! YAY! Now I have to quickly eat my delicious and nutritious lunch of chocolate chip cookies and milk and race off to town to do some cleaning. I really don't want to do that anymore, but I really want highspeed internet so I will keep pressing on. I just wish there were 10 more hours in every day, life would be a lots less stressfull. But then again, those hours would probably just get filled up anyways. ARGH! You can never get ahead.

One highlight of my afternoon so far had been watching my tiny puppy, Nash, trying to cuddle and make friends with a rope bone that is bigger than him. First he tried to fight it, then he cuddles up and sleeps with it. Over and over again! Here are some pictures:

1. Nash and his friend/enemy

2. Nash close up

3. Shaq close up (don't they look totally different?!?)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Very Own Shop -*CONTEST!*

Today I have spent half the day on my dial up, setting up my very own Etsy shop, a website that allows you to sell your handmade creations. To help spread the word about my handmade rag quilts, I have decided to have a contest!

You could win a Nighty Night Rag Quilt for Baby. It is 28" x 37". It has three layers of flannelette for added warth and nicer rags. All you have to do is post about this contest and my store on your blog and then leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog. If you do not have a blog just email me ( as well as 5 other people, telling them about the contest and my store. I will end the contest on May 23rd@ 10:00 pm.

Please check out all the other quilts I have for sale at my shop!

Thanks and good luck!

Here are the pictures of the quilt!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Spring" Cleaning

I say "spring" because it really doesn't feel like it right now outside. It is snowing like crazy! So much so I stayed home from work today. I think we got about 4 inches of snow so far, and it is still coming pretty steady. It is disgusting. I hate it. My southern readers probably have no idea about this, because Eric told me it was raining in Steinbach. Must be nice.

Well, I will try to use this day to my advantage though. My plan is so completely clean out my house, from one end to the other. I will have three piles: Keep, Garbage, Give Away/Sale. We just have soooo much STUFF in this house. There are boxes of stuff in the spare room that I haven't looked at for months, probably over a year. I just really need to declutter and organise this house a lot better. It is stressful losing things in the mess all the time. I just want things to be easy to find. This house barely has any closets, so storage is a real issue. I think i need to get a few more storage containters and stuff. But we will see what we need when I go through stuff. I just really need to learn to let go of it. My Baba was a really bad packrat, and I am trying not to be like that. Plus I just ordered a bunch of Partylite stuff and I need room for it! LOL! My show did really well. I got almost 1000 dollars worth of stuff for 250. I spend all the money I made at the craft show and my personal money. But I just wanted some nice stuff for my house. All I need is a nice picture for my living room wall.

Well I should really go start the massive overhaul of this house!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Weekend Recap

This weekend was an interesting one!

Very early Friday morning we packed up and headed for the city. We dropped off the quilts at the show and went to look at a car at Terry Ortynsky Nissan. Walking through the parking lot we found the exact car we wanted. We were not expecting to buy a car this weekend, just to look, but we didn't have to pay anything at all until July, so we decided to take it home. We got a protection package, so we had to leave it there overnight. We did a bit of shopping on the way back to the craft show, where I sat until 9pm. It was horrible. I sold one quilt for $25. Then Eric, Sheri, Travis and I went to the movie, 21, at St. Vital. It was very good. Then we slept at Trav's place.

We got up early on Saturday to go pick up the car. I got to drive it back! It is awesome. I really love it. I showered and stuff and then headed back to the craft show. It was another bad day. I sold another quilt for $25 and some raffle tickets. It was mostly people telling us how nice the blankets are, but not wanting to buy them. It was very frustrating. After the show I went back to Sheri's and she made me meatballs and mashed potatoes for supper, it was delicious. Then we headed to the guy's house for Ryan's birthday. We didn't stay there long cause we were tired. We went back to Sheri's and took stupid pictures cause we were WAY overtired. I slept pretty good, but when I woke up at 10 it felt like I had not slept at all.

Sunday was shorter, and I actually had something to eat so it was ok. I sold one quilt for $100, but I wanted 150 for it. I lost money on my raffle quilt as well, which really sucked. It was a discouraging weekend, but people told us that this show was really slow and that we should try to get into the fall show, cause it is 5 times busyier. Maybe we will try. We will also try the show in Gimli. I dunno. We don't really want to think about it for a while, cause we are all quilted out for now. Back at home, the house was a mess, my puppies were covered in crap from head to toe, and my dogs were puking. Teaches me for leaving for a weekend.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I could have said that like 200000 times today to people. WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH OUR QUILTS! ARGH!

I did buy some bibs from small potoatoes though, cause they were so cute and i couldn't stare at that booth all day without buying something!


I forgot! We also bought a new car today! It is a brand new (!) black Nissan Versa hatchback. We got the SL with the sport package, pretty much the best one you can get. I LOVE IT! It is so gorgeous! We got 0.9% financing for 60 months, so it just made sense to buy new, cause it would have cost the same with a used if we got a loan from the bank! You can see pictures at if you are interested!

Scattered Seeds

So today was our first day at the Scattered Seeds craft show. It was horrible. We sold one quilt for 25 dollars. Everyone said how nice they were, but no one wanted to buy. Lots of people just looked and then commented how they also make them, or their mom, or sister, or grandma or somebody makes them. ARGH! I hope tomorrow goes better and we sell a bunch of blankets! Come out and buy one! One funny thing is that we are right across from the Small Potatoes booth that Stacey just reviewed. I love their stuff. Staring at it all day makes me want to buy some!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today I am having a Partylite show at my place @ 7:30! PLEASE COME!! If you cannot make it and would like to order something or host your own party (LOTS of free and cheap stuff) please let me know by Friday! Hope to see you there. Bring a friend if you want!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It Is 8:30 on Sunday Already??

AH! It is not fair. Weekend are not long enough. I got 5 baby quilts completed this weekend already, for probably a maximum sewing time of 2 hours. Pretty sucky. I love quilting but when I know I have to do it, I will procrastinate a ton! Like today, we had college and career at Jay. And then I stay after to play 3 hours of RockBand with Sarah, Jay, and Sheila. It was LOTS of fun, but I really should have been sewing. I really should go keep working on quilts so I can't post lots today!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fleury's Babes

Mallory's gigantic hot dog at Shelley D's last night! The food was aweosome there!

Here are some pictures of my beautiful babies!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I am so pumped about tonight! My cousin Mallory is taking me to Bingo!! LOL. I haven't been to bingo in a long, long time! I used to love playing it is so fun. Yeah, it's the Ukranian coming out in me. Mallory and I are quite the old baba's already, we knit, drink tea, I sew, and now we are going to bingo! I haven't spent much time with her lately, and we always have so much fun together, I am really looking forward to it tonight. I am sure there will be picture to show! I can't wait to yell "BINGO"! LOL. I am sure I won't win, but its the fun that counts here, not the winning. (This comment will probably bamboozle Eric, he thinks I am always "In it to win it" [Well most of the time I am {Usually just with Eric}])

I also splurged today. I went into Johnson's to pick up a pair of shoes for my auntie, and I saw this purse. I was talking to the girls at work not 1/2 hour before how I wanted to get a new one. It was calling my name. It was the perfect shape, smaller than the one I have now, and the pattern is so fun and spring-y! It was also not that much money. Actually 15 bucks cheaper than the one I had wanted in the city! I will post pictures soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home Early??

I am hoping I can leave work right at 5 today. Today I got here at 9, so that would be a full 8 hours! I would liek to enjoy they day a little bit at home!! I love the weather lately, everything is sloppy and gross, but I love that my winter jacket has been lonely in my closet for the last little bit! I can't wait until all the snow is gone so I can ride more horse, if I ever find the time.

I still have a pile of things to do and no time to do them. Tonight I have to deal with something that really upsets me and I am not looking forward to it. Some things in life are just so unfair and don't make sense. So much for trying to be a better person when people keep reminding you how horrible they think you are.

ARGH... I need to go eat chocolate....

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's Building...

I can feel the stress building up right now. There are so many thing to do this weeks, and not enough time to do them! I already have three things to do on friday!! This is crazy. I am trying my best to stay calm and not freak out, but I might loose it by the weekend. I need this week off. Then I could get everything in order and get back to life with less stress.

We are going to Terry and Eloa's for supper tonight, which is always good, but it means I won't have left overs for lunch for another day. I will just have to make something when I get home. That's 3 strikes at making my Kraft meals. I have all the ingredients, but not the oppertunity to make them!

Hopefully tonight I can restore some order in my life...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I have decided this weekend was great! I got to relax, but I also spent time with friends, got out fo the house and felt like I have accomplished something!

Today I sewed for the first part of the afternoon. Then I got frustrated (hence the previous post) and then I got bored. So we called up Jay and Sarah and pretty much invited ourselves over to play games. They also BBQ'd for us!! It was great. We played Carcassonne, which is a really fun game. I lost badly both times, but I still enjoyed it. We had good food and enjoying spending time with friends. It is really nice to have a couple around that enjoys playing games! I hope we get to do this pretty often!

Has anyone ever watch the new show on TLC, I Can Make You Thin? I have been watching it for the past 3 weeks. Eric makes fun of it, but his methods are SO simple. No dieting, but just helping you have self control with a few simple methods. I have been trying some of the things, but not all of them cause Eric makes fun of them. I am going to try doing more and more of his stuff, and see how it works. I have been trying so many things lately, but nothing has worked, everything was so strict, and i always just lots motivations. But this just seems so easy, so why not try it? So far I think I have been eating alot less then normal.

Also, I have been doing the Kraft 1 bag, 5 meals program from their website and it is awesome. It is not a diet, just a meal plan. It gives you the recipies for a while week of meals, and just one small shopping list. The recipes are easy and the food is delicious. You should try it out!


This had been a major source of frustration for me in the last couple days. I don't know why my sewing maching keeps doing thing. It doesn't matter if I go fast or slow, it keeps happening. I thought I had figured it out, but it just keeps

doing it. It just bunches up like this and gets all tangled. If anyone had any suggestions it would be great! I need to sew like 10 quilts in two weeks, so a broken sewing machine is not an option!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Good Sunny Day!

Today I had a great day! I was going to do a bunch of work today, but I decided to try and relax for one day. So Eric and I slept in late, ate leftovers for lunch and tidied up the house a little bit. We watched TV, did some dishes, played with puppies and went for a walk with Maeve and Paris. We decided to go to town and bought some snacks, cleaned Andrew's shop, picked up the mail and dropped off some invitations. We also picked up Lily, Remy's new lady. She will be here for about a week. So far she is getting along with everyone pretty good. We made whole wheat spagetti with 5 (FIVE!!) kinds of cheeses for supper and watched some TLC. Then we watched Kill Bill 2, cause everyone we wanted to invite over we couldn't find or they were busy. I have sewn a little bit tonight too, but I need to start sewing more, cause this craft show is in two weeks!!

Today I loved the sun shining through the windows warming my house. It wasn't terrible warm outside, but it was enough to shut the heat off in our house for the afternoon. It was lovely! I can't wait until summer!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Nothing much...

It has been 5 days since I posted on here. I have been meaning to everyday but just got distracted every time. Andrew said he is hooking up our highspeed soon though, so that is going to be awesome. This week had gone by fast! I hate the two faced weather. My house is so messy because I haven't been home much. I am excited about supper tonight. That is about it. I will post something more exciting soon. Just wanted to let the few people who read this know I am still alive!
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