Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Hate That Song...

I don't even know why I don't change the station when I hear it. It is a good song, though. It just makes me bawl. All of the words just remind me so much of Kenton's death. I like the song before he died, it came out about a month before it happened, but I didn't realize what it was about until after. So I came to work this morning with red eyes from crying. Here is the song:

Never Say Goodbye by Kyprios

Hey kid,You know I'd like to stay and catch up.You caught me on a bad day,But, You see me as your eyes are shut as you're risin' up.Okay. And what I really need to say,One day we're gonna meet again.And it will be the same,'Cause even we are'nt here me and my songs say.

\[CHORUS]Every life first the sun and the night falls,We're all on borrowed time, I'll never say goodbye.Take your time, Live your life likes it's last call.Don't wanna see you cry, I'll never say goodbye.

Back when life was easy and innocent,In a sample world ignorant.Stealing cigarettes, going to get high and drink some rye.The again, we're all the same thing in the end.Butterflies lose their wings and ascend,So do friends, memories resurrect a new life for the dead.

So any time that you wanna see me.Raise a glass, reminisce take it easy. Just close your eyes, I'll be right there with your soul inside.And there's no goodbyes. I wish I had a handkercheif so I could wipe those eyes.I saw my mom at the funeral she spoke so nice.Like "what a great kid".Don't beleive those lies.

[CHORUS]Every life first the sun and the night falls,We're all on borrowed time, I'll never say goodbye.Take your time, Live your life likes it's last call.Don't wanna see you cry, I'll never say goodbye.Don't ever say goodbye, Don't ever say goodbye, never say goodbye.

So kid, don't mourn take your life back.Carpe Deim and all that.Really matters today is today see.The more you live the happier I'll be.Ya'd better take your time and shine.Everybody gotta learn sometimes. That there's no goodbye cause after every nightfall a new sun will rise!

[CHORUS]Every life first the sun and the night falls,We're all on borrowed time, I'll never say goodbye.Take your time, Live your life likes it's last call.Don't wanna see you cry, I'll never say goodbye.

It is so good.


Monday, November 27, 2006


So this weekend Eric and I went Christmas shopping, and we almost got everything done!! I am so excited! We also bought furniture, a couch, loveseat and a chair. They are so beautiful! But I think we are going to still look at Smitty's to see if we like anything there and if it is cheaper. Eric hates christmas shopping but he did pretty good this time. We split up for a while so we could shop for eachother, and forgot to set a meeting place/ and time. So I was just standing in line at customer service to get them to announce him to meet me there when I saw him. It was great. Lol. Then we went to Celebrations for my work christmas party. It was sooooooo good!! Those people have such good singing voices, it is unreal. It was pretty funny too. I really enjoyed it. I would like to go again sometime. I also FINALLY found solid brown flannel fabric. I AM SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY about that. I thought I would never ever find it. Anyways, I need to go home....

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Shopping!!

I am so excited for this weekend to go Christmas shopping. We have out christmas party too for the vet clinic, but I am more excited about shopping. I don't think Eric is as excited as me, he hates shopping. Last night him and Andrew got the satellite positioned in the right spot so tht we got signal, but now it says we need a subscription, which we don't. So I don't know. I hope it is working so we can watch the OC at home tonight for one.

Hey, anyone want to go to Europe with us??


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Everybody's Gone Early.... Finally.

But I hate when people come late. I love days when everyone else in the clinic is gone before 4:30. It gives me a chance to relax and get all the cleaning done without anyone in the way, and start cashout whenever I want. It just sucks when people come in after 5 and want to buy stuff and I am in the middle of cashout. Grrr. Oh well. Today was a pretty good day, it was busy , but not too busy like yesterday when I had to stay late and then I ended up being 1/2 hour late for the card making class. I was still one of the first ones done, lol... anyways. And I love listening to Boys Like Girls on purevolume when no one else is here too. I should really go mop the floor. Maybe Eric will have the satillite hooked up when I get home!!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's Been Two Years..

Today is kind of a bittersweet day. I made 20 stampin' up christmas cards at Bonnie's with a bunch of friends, and my favortite band, Brand New, has a new cd that came out today, both awesome things. But today is also the 2nd anniversary of Kenton's death. Eric went to his grave today, but I still can't bring myself to go there yet. I don't think I have properly delt with his death. Losing someone so close is so hard, and I just try not to think of it at all. I try not to talk about him or anything. But anytime I am looking at photo albums or anything, it all comes back and I still can't believe he is gone. It is not fair, I wish so bad I could change it. It is not fair Janie and Trent have lost so much, a husband/father and a son/brother. I still feel so much pain for Trent and I miss Kenton so much. We grew up together, he felt like a brother to me. I loved him so much and I know he knew that, but we never really had any deep conversations. I wish I could have got to know him better. Now it is too late. I am so glad a got to see him a week before his death. If I had not I don't think I could remember the last time I saw him, and I am very thankful for that. I wish I could have taken him to youth more or talked more to him about God, something. I just didn't do enough, and I regret it so much. Maybe if I had he would still be here today... I don't know, I just want it all to end and Kenton to be ack and Janie and Trent to be truly happy again and the hole in their hearts filled, and Amy to get to know her brother. Life is hard i guess.... that's why we have God. I love Him


Monday, November 20, 2006

Sick Puppies

What a crazy day!! I woke up late, with cramps, to the smell of sweet dog crap. Grrrrr. My dogs are puking and crapping all over the place. So I brought some of the crap to work, we did some tests and it turns out they are sick with two different parasites! ARGH! The bright side is that it can both be treated with one drug, which is very nice!! Now I have to shove pills down both my dog's throats for two weeks... fun. At least the dayt went by fast today. And I got rid of one of my bunnies today, just one more to go. Right now i am listening to Boys Like Girls, they are awesome. I want the cd so badly. I hope my dogs are feeling a little better when I get home... I don't feel like cleaning at all :S.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Grey Cup Is No Fun

I am at Terry and Eloa's now and I am soooooooooooo bored. Everybody is watching Grey Cup upstairs but I don't want to watch it. I am in a grumpy mood... I am tired and my tummy hurts from stupid cramps.

Anyways.. I can't wait to go back to Europe. I love it so much! I just got a new book yesterday, Let's Go: Europe on a Budget 2007. It is awesome. I makes me soooooo pumped to go back there. I think we are going to go in Fall 2007 with Sean and whoever else wants to come!

My mom finally borrowed us a satalite and a receiver so we can FINALLY have TV. that is so awesome. We haven't had TV in our home for like 7 months, but now winter is coming and we won;t spend so much time outside, and all the good shows are on. Like the OC

I love christmas, i can't wait to go shopping next weekend for stuff... and to get a tree, and to wrap presents. I already decorated our trailer with all the decorations we own, which isn't very much. Eric won;t allow our home to have a fake tree, so i have to wait until December to get one. lol. My dogs are going to eat it this year, Fleury for sure. She is a vacuum. She thoroughly enjoys eating.

Speaking of dogs, I bred Paris this fall, anout a month ago. We ultrasounded her at work and it didn;t show that she had any babies., but she has always been a skinny dog, and her belly just keeps getting bigger. So I am still keeping the hope alive for now..... I love puppies. I want hundreds of them.

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