Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Babies!!!

I look at my pictures on here, and realize I miss all of my puppies soooooo much. I have to wait 2 more months to see them.....Poor babies...

Monday, October 08, 2007


....well not ever, but for at least three months. You can keep track of Me, Eric, Sean and Joel by visiting Dueck's Do Europe! It's going to be great. I am leaving you with some pictures I recently took. They are mostly my dogs, but they are fun. Some are my dog's in their Halloween costumes, on the way to the dog party, at the dog party, looking guilty. I love the last one of Paris, it is soooo pretty. Oh, and the scrabble board is Eric and my last game we played the other night. Check out our awesome words, see how many new words you can pick out! I won by the way!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Three Dog Life by Abigail Thomas

I just finished this book, and thank goodness. It is about a woman who is coping with her husband's severe brain injuries after he was hit by a car. It is depressing and weird. For the first few pages I just wanted this book to be over because it was so hard to read. It is kind of random and pointless. It is a memoir, so it is writting sort of like a diary. It is nothing like the last book I ready, Marley & Me, who's author was a great story teller. It does get better towards the end, and I even laughed out loud at some parts. But I still wouldn't really recommend this book to anyone. I bought it thinking it would be a charming story about this woman's life with her three dogs. Parts are, but this isn't worth it. You can borrow it if you want!

What's Up

I go on here to post and then everything leaves my head!...

Saturday I slept in... sooo nice... and then we went to Evan and Renita's wedding. It was nice, and also really short!! Then we had a bonfire at Dahlen's and played SingStar. I have some good footage of that!

Sunday we went to the Great Manitoba Dog Party at Assinaboine Park. It was fun. There was tonnes of dogs there. We were constantly stopped by people wanting to see the puppies! But we sold one! Devon went to a really nice young couple that lives in Winnipeg. They are going to have so much fun with him. I was sad to see him go, and Jean Luc is all alone, but he needed a place that would give him lots of individual attention, and that's what he got. That night we got home and paid a visit to Evan and Renita's house.

Last night we finally sat down and made a rough plan for Europe. The calender can be seen at our travel blog Dueck Do Europe. It was rough, but it is nice to have some sort of a plan. Now I am trying to learn some French so I can try and get along while we are in France. It is kind of rough! I don't remember anything from high school. Maybe it will start to click when I am there. I put the CD lessons on my ipod and I am bringing the lesson book with me. I should get started now!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

How Today Looked & My 100th Post!!

I was trying out my new camera today, and this is what I ended up with! Not much, but just be happy you get to see something! Plus is my 100th post so I wanted to give you something special!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My First Book Review!

So here it goes... I am going to review the books I read after I am done with them from now on! My inspiration: this book, it was so good I want to share it with the world!! It is in no way professional, and it is purely my opinion.

Marley & Me by John Grogan
I know I already said this, but I LOVE this book. It is so good. John Grogan is such a good writer, very entertaining and easy to read. It is a the true story of the author's dog, Marley, a hyperactive, nerotic and very large golden Labrador Retriever and their life with him. It is heartwarming and funny. It might make your cry, but it will definately make you laugh. It left me wanting to read more stories from this Grogan, since he is so good at telling them!! If you are still not convinced, this should do it: Even Terry thought this was a really good book, and he hates.... I mean very much dislikes dogs.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Europe Shopping!!!

Today Sean, Joel, Eric and I went shopping for our trip. We had lots of fun! We left at around 9:30 and made it in good time to Eric's checkup with his surgeon at 11:50. Then we ate at the food court and shopped at the mall. We all bought some new cd's there and looked for pants. Then we went to old Navy when I got my pants and two new tops and Korey's birthday present. Then Eric and I went to Best Buy and bought our AWESOME new digital camera! It is so sleek and nice. It take pictures really nice too! Then we went to SportsChek and eric got some pants and a shirt and the other boys got some stuff. Then we went to MEC and I got a new sweater and a daypack and some other supplies. Joel bought really nice backpack and shoes and a bunch of other stuff. I think we are pretty much ready to go now! I want to start packing right now!!. I actually already got a bunch of stuff ready!! haha, I am such a nerd!


Life Lessons

Don't wear your wedding rings when making pie crust. No matter how careful you are, you will not be happy about the cleaning job later!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Love/Hate Fall!!

I love fall because there are no bugs, it is nice cool weather, perfect for a walk, and it is GORGEOUS! For the last week and a half or so I am always so excited when I get home to drive down our drivway. It looks soooo pretty. It is such bright yellows, with some oranges mixed in , along with the left over green! I also love the smell of aging leaves. Brings back good memories of when I was little, raking leaves and jumping in them, and trick or treating on Halloween!
I hate fall because it means summer is over and winter (blah!) is coming.
These are some pictures I took of our driveway today. I really don't think they do justice to how nice the driveway really is. Maybe it is my photograpy.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Enter This!

I just entered Stacey's very first giveaway contest, a nursing braclet from Amy May, and you should too! If you don't need it for yourself, give it as a gift!! Plus when you go there you can look at pictures of her completely adorble new baby girl!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Please Help Me!!

It's true....we need help. We are leaving for Europe on Oct 10 and we need a place for our wonderful Irish Setter Maeve for that time.

She is awesome. She is great with kids and other animals. She is very gentle. There are times when she can get hyper, but she will still listen to sit, lay down and come. She loves going for walks and loves to run. She only barks if she is outside and night and is scared. She rarely barks inside. She is generally a very quiet dog. She is very easy going and she loves people. The only thing is she is scared of new people. You would have to be patient and gentle with her, or else she will not trust you and she will try to run away. She is not aggressivly scared of people. I have never seen her be aggressive. She just needs a place that will love her, hug her, give her belly rubs, give her lots of treats and give her attention.

We are looking for one of three things:

Ideal: Someone to come live in our house and take care of Maeve and the cat. The cat is easy. He lives outside and all you will have to give him is food. If you are interested in living here, you will only have to pay for your utilities you use (phone, internet if you want, half of hydro).

Good: Someone to take Maeve to their place for 3 months. Then we would also need another person to feed that cat.

Last Resort: Someone to come to our house and feed Maeve and the cat once or twice daily. I really don't want to do this. I hate to leave her without real human contact for three months. She would be miserable. She doesn't come to people she doesn't know, and she wouldn't come to someone that only stopped by for a few minutes)

If anyone is interested in doing any of this, please please please let me know! We only have 20 days left and we need a plan. Thanks so much for your time. Also if you know someone, anyone that you think would be interested. Also let me know.

Oh yeah, we are willing to pay you! That should spark some interest! Pay will depend on what you do! Thanks

Day 5 and 6 - It's Over!!

It true. I am destined to fail at anything I try. I am still trying to eat healthy, but yesteday I broke down and had lemon chicken and a caramilk bar.... grr. And then today.... well there are far to many foods i shouldn;t have eaten that I ate today! I just couldn't do it. I don't have enough self control. I am amazed how much less I was eating those days thought. But I just felt soooo hungry all of the time. I am still going to try not to eat to many I write that I am sitting here with a Pirate cookie in my mouth!

Yesterday I went to puppy classes, then we had a Youth leadership meeting at the church. It was a good meeting. We got alot done and I am really excited about the things we are going to do this year. And I am now the official treasurer/secretary of youth! We also found a great place to make a youth room... but it is secret so I can't tell you where. But it is going to be awesome!

Today we went to the bank and took out a loan (Ouch) for our traveling. We suck at saving, but this is the last big trip we will go on before we have kids, and probably not again until we don't have to take care of kids anymore. And I see it as some people get loans for boats and quads and snowmobiles and stuff..... so this is our boat or quad or snowmobile! I need to justify it somehow. And Roland showed us our credit rating, which is suprisingly good, we thought it would be horrible. And he also showed us the percentage of income going to pay off debts with this new loan and it was quite healthy as well. So we can afford it! At least now I can relax a little bit more about europe. I just need a place for my Maeve!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 4 - It's Okay

Today is going good on this diet. No slip ups and no major, tummy hurting cravings! It is only 8:30, they will probably come later! So just so you guys know, this is not a weight loss diet, nor is it a diet you should stay on for long periods of time. It is supposed to get rid of a yeast overgrowth in the body, which I have lots of symptoms of. I can't wait to get back to a regular, healthy diet. But I might as well give this a try and see if it helps any of my problems. Just two weeks I am doing it for. Cause not long after that we are in Europe!

Today I helped Eric work on my horse fence. It is going really good so far. He has one small section done and is almost done the top layer of the rest of the fence! If he finishes it soon we might bring her in there for a while before we leave. So she can have some of the beautiful green grass that is in there! Maeve also came for a walk out there with me and we had lots of fun. She always came back to me. We had fun jumping and running and playing.... while Eric worked!
Then we ran all the way home!

I have so much work to do in my house still. Lots of cleaning and tidying. I feel like I am always doing that! I guess it never ends. The kitchen really needs to be worked on. It had gotten really cluttered again. I guess I should go start now!

Day 3 - Sugar Addict

So day three of my diet was not so perfect either. My stomach is starting to hurt and I just wanted some cake SOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly. I polished off a half of a large bag of baby carrots, hoping it would curb my craving... NOPE! Even after supper I wanted some cake. Luckily enought, Bryan and Kathleen had invited us over for cake and ice cream for Andrew's birthday. I knew I couldn't have any of it. But yesterday I had begged Eric to help me with this thing and he agreed. So I whined about having cake, and we decided it would be ok if I had one tiny piece, because I have been cutting back so much on everything else. So I did. It wasn't exactly a tiny piece, but I enjoyed every second of it. It was an large middle piece of a warm, iced chocolate cake. It was so good. I wanted more, but I was at least happy I had some. My sugar cravings are back now though. It is like I am going through withdrawl, it is so stupid. But at some points I just want to beg for someone to inject sugar into my veins so I can feel better. I am addicted. I am a sugar addict. I need rehab. I just need sometime for my body to realize it doesn't need to live on sugar, like it has been for so long. Right now my body is saying that it would like just one little piece of chocolate. But I know better. One little piece will not help anything.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Candida Diet: Day Two...

Meghan says I should make a diary of how I feel each day on this diet, so here I go!

Yesterday was ok, I wanted some candy really badly, but I made it through. Today was not so good. I went to a picnic and ate fried chicken and coleslaw... but that was not so bad. Then after that I had watermelon and rolacoukin ( I have NOOOOO idea how that is spelled), both of those were a no-no. ARGH. I fail at everything. But tonight I have been good. I am sick of eating baby carrots already. But I just had some eggs and salsa, which is very good. And my tummy is full and I am happy. I resisted the temtation to have carbs, mainly Ritz crackers! I don't really feel any other effects other than the sugar and carb cravings yet. I was having a some cookers block on what other food I could make that would be good for my diet, and Eric suggested Hamburger soup, without the potatoes, so now I am hopeful again. Argh.... I have hunger pains as I am smellling Eric's yummy popcorn he just made... I wonder if I can have that???

Saturday, September 15, 2007

So Much New!

So again I have been blog slacking. I haven't done a decent post in a while! So here it goes... The yard sale when ok. We made like 75 bucks. It is amazing how much stuff out family has. All together I think we brought in over 1500 dollars. And there was still so much stuff left!!! I still have two puppies left, and I really need to sell them before we leave. If you know anyone that wants am adorable, playful and funny little male Chihuahua puppy, let me know. Sometimes I feel sorry for them cause they are so sweet, but they need a home where they can get more individual attention!

I have ridden Zaiyah few more times, and she is getting better everytime. The last time I did Kathleen let me borrow some longer reins, and she was much better. She also picked me up a new blanket for 45 dollars. It is great. I haven't ridden her for a week though cause it has been rainy all week, and the area is wet. Today I went to see her and groom her and I found a big cut on the back of her hoof. ARGH! This horse always gets hurt. So I cleandd it up really well and put some wound cream in it. I hope she is ok and I can ride her some more before we leave. I did buy some mew reims the other day, they have horse hair on the ends and they are black and match all my stuff. They are so pretty.

I did go riding with Meghan and Lisa and her girls last Saturday. It was lots of fun! It was a beautiful day too! I rode Lee and Kathy's horse, Gideon. He was really good. I used my saddle and realized how uncomfortable it is. Maybe it just needs to be broken in. Then I went to Meghan's house and saw her horses and she made me some food and we just hung out. It was fun.

On Monday night I went to Earl's in St. Vital with my college friends, Mandy and Gwen. It was really nice to hang out and catch up. We haven't seen eachother for over a year! I also stopped at Wal-Mart and bought Guitar Hero 2 and Singstar Pop. It was supposed to be with the yard sale money, but it ended up being a little more than that.

Today I bought some paint for my groom room/Maeve's bedroom in the porch. It is a dark pinkish colour and I really love it. It is going to go on the top and the same colour we have in the living room will go on the bottom. Then I am going to find a nice border to put between them. We wanted to put some cheap linoleum for the flooring, but linoleum is not as cheap as I thought it would be, so we are going to put laminte flooring in there. My mom had four boxes left over and we have one, it should be more than enough.

I am starting to get nervous, not excited about europe. We don't have a whole lot of money saved so I am really worried about that. I also hate to leave my dogs for so long, and we don't have a place for Maeve anymore. So here is my plea..... I need a place for three months for the sweetest dog in the world. She is GREAT with kids and other animals. She listens well. She loves going for walks and belly rubs. Her only fault is that she is very nervous around new people. She is scared of someone she doesn't know and will run away from them. She must have been hit or something because it took her forever to trust me. She is still skittish around Eric. But not at all in an agressive way. She is not at all aggressive. She just needs a place that will be patient with her. It will take time for her to warm up and trust you. She can never be hit or screamed at. I have barked commands at her and she does ok with that. She is house trained, and has pretty good house manners. We are still working on the jumping in the couch thing. She is getting better. She loves being with people she trusts. You just can't keep her after three months, cause you will want to if you take her. If you are interested, PLEASE let me know!

Today I started this anti yeast diet that Meghan has told me about. If you want to read more about it just search Candidia Diet on Google. The yeast causes alot of problems in your body, many of them are affecting me. So I thougth I might give it a try.I can only eat meat and veggies and eggs. It is really hard already. I just want some candy or chips or juice or something. ARGH! But it is only for two weeks, then I can start eating more things.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I Rode My Horse!

YES! Finally I rode Zaiyah and she is great! Today she was a bit of a brat, but probably cause my reins are too short. I love riding. I also need to get a new pad for under my saddle. Man horses are expensive! But I LOVE having one! Meghan invited me to go riding on Saturday with her and Lisa, so I think I am going to go. It will be fun!

The tickets are booked! We are leaving Oct. 10th and coming back Jan 10th. A whole three months!! It will be sad yet exciting to be away for Christmas and New Years. If anyone knows anyplace especially cool to go to during the Holidays let us know!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yard Sale!

It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in 22 years of life! Me and Eric, along with some of my family are having a yard sale on Saturday from 10-4 in Arnes at Pheonix Lumber. There will be some really great stuff for sale. I have lots of brand new stuff for sale. Including... a microwave, air conditioner, waffle makes, picture frames, lots of clothes, toys... and thats just some of the stuff from me! I'll see you there!

Life Lessons

Don't leave your window open when you are at the garbage dump. Unless of course you want company on the way home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If only everyone would be this comfortable...

...sleeping on a hard, wood floor! (Taken 2 minutes ago)

The Cabin

So I did go to the cabin, and of course I had a great time. Kelly Ann watched the dogs and Eric came with me. We left after work on Friday and went to Europa for gyros and pita bread. On the way out of town we spotted Sarah and Jay leaving Subway so we asked if we could follow them. We were the first ones there. We set up out tent, I got mad cuz Eric didn't bring lots of blankets like I told him. I tried to emphasise in my note by writing....




-Blankets *LOTS*

But he thought I wanted them for warmth so he only brought two, one for the top, one for the bottow. ARGH! I like them for softness. We could have actually used more blankets for warmth, it got really cold at nights. Anyways, after setting up we went inside the cabin and played Blokus with Jay and Sarah. Finally a few hours later the people started to straggle in. It was a good weekend. We did lots of food making, game playing, fire watching, food eating, boating, tubing and floating on an awesome 4-person "Funstation". Except we had like 8 or 9 people on at one time. I am glad that we went. It was lots of fun. I even went shopping and bought some nice seashell stuff for my bathroom. Oh, and cool clear dice that look like ice!

The ride home was rough. Because we followed Sarah there, we didn't really pay attention on how to get there. So on the way back we turned the wrong way 3 times. The first two weren't that bad, we realised it right away. But the last one we were driving for like 15 or 20 minutes in the wrong direction. We could see the city already. I was so upset. It was all my fault of course, I am supposed to be the navigator. So I cried of course. Hard. I just wanted to be at home so badly. I was hoping we would get home around 6, but it was close to 9 when we got home. I hate getting home late. Then we have to go to bed right away and then go to work first thing in the morning. I like to have time to relax and recover and even do some cleaning around the house.

Yesterday I just felt really overwhelmed. Today I do as well, but last night it just felt like I was suffocating. I was just so worried about everything, but without anything major to worry about. I just need a clean house. And to get ready for a yard sale. I think we are going to have a yard sale this weekend, to get rid of some of the stuff we have and make some money for Europe.

Today I had a great experince. At about 7:30 I went to go see my horse. When I unloaded the bale and looked up into the sky there was this huge streak of lightening. I could see rain in the distance but I thought I would have lots of time to work with my horse. So I drove up front and parked the truck. As I was walking to the barn to get my halter I heard it. The rain was coming towards me from the back of the barn. I could hear it on the tin roof, just a little bit at first and then it got louder and louder and I saw the drop coming for me. I ducked into the barn and grapped the halter, hoping the rain wouldn't last long. But by the time I got the halter and went back outside it was pouring, huge, warm drops. I ran to the truck and waited for a while, but it didn't look like it was planning to stop anytime soon. So I drove home and it was barely raining there. Maeve was hiding underneath the bay window in a hole she dug in the flower bed. The lighting was really beautiful after that rain. It is hard to describe. It was like an amber coloured glow. I should go wake Eric up so he can sleep in our bed instead of on the couch. Poor guy is so tired lately.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


... I wish I had more of them. I mean, I have alot of people that I hang out with, but other than Eric I don't really have any close friends. There is a great group of girls that I occasionally hang out with, but thats the thing. Occasionally. I don't know why, but I never make an effort to hang out with them. I want to, but it always seems like things always come up. Now I am feeling lonley and it is my own fault. I really need a best friend. Eric is my best friend, but I need a girl. I need someone that I can talk to about anything, and that won't judge me, that understands mme, that can talk about girl stuff with me, and that will only be best friends with me ( i know, i am selfish, but you can't have more than one best friend, really, think about it.) Maybe I am just destined to never have one... I dunno. I really should go to Sarah's cabin this weekend and spend some time with friends but I have so much that I could do at home.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I was just relaxing on my couch, watching TV. My dogs were sitting beside me, Paris happily chewing on her Nylabone when I saw them. At least 10 little brown dots frolicking on Paris' neck. Leaning in for a closer look I shreiked "FLEA. PARIS HAD FLEAS. ERIC! PARIS HAS FLEAS!!!" Eww. I jumped up, panicing, franticly searching for my cat's flea spray. It took me a while to find it. All the dogs got coated in it, and tomorrow they will all get the meds. I think Remy brought it into the house, because he just got here today, and suddenly I find lots of fleas on all my dogs he played with. I just felt something crawling on my back and I reached back and picked off a flea. Eww. They are all over me. I can't believe my dogs are infested with fleas, I take such good care of them. They are very clean. I just want to cry. I feel like they are all over me, everywhere. I feel itchy all over. This is horrible. I am showering now.

Today I went to the city to get my passport. I stopped in at Petcetra, hoping to get a harness for Remy. I didn't find one, but I did find a really great deal. I have always wanted to do agility with my dogs, but the supplies are so expensive. While I was browsing, I saw a great agility starter kit, but it was 60 bucks, so I thought to myself I would like to buy that someday cuz it is pretty cheap for a starter kits. The tunnel alone can be 35 bucks. As I was thinking that, I looked up at the sign above them and saw "50% off. $29.95" Well, I can't pass that up. So i bought it and set it up as soon and I got home. I have ran Maeve and Paris through it already. Maeve had lots on fun and got really hyper. Paris also really loved it, and she even started to get the weave poles. Maeve has not got that yet. I can't want to do more. Eric is going to build me the A-frame, a pause table and the dogwalk! I love it so much already. It is a great way to exersice my dogs (and myself) and have fun with them as well. I AM GOING TO SHOWER NOW.....ewwwwwww.

Friday, August 17, 2007

All By Myself.

Tonight I am all alone. Eric went a day early to Charles' wedding for the rehersal so I have to go by myself tomorrow. Maybe I can get a ride with someone. Again, it has been forever since I posted. Maeve is doing great, having a blast runnning around outside. Zaiyah's foot is still hurting, I think I have to start wrapping it again. I just want it to heal already so I can ride her this summer. I don't think that is going to happen now. I am so sad. I am watching Aquamarine right now, it is keeping me company. LOL. I didn't have any supper, I think I am going to make KD. I really don't have much to post. I am really excited about Europe now, I can't wait to go. We have been doing alot of planning lately.

Last week we did VBS, it was WaterWorks Park and it was lots of fun. I did crafts and Eric taught. We had almost 30 kids this year! It was crazy! Crazy but good. I had lots of fun crafts to do. I just wish we had a better place to do it other than tents in a parking lot. I will write better stuff another day, I am off to eat supper @ 11:20 and watch this movie.

Friday, August 03, 2007

About Buster!

Didn't you just love my last post, so in-depth and personal! I was just going to save it as a draft cause it was late at night and I didn't want to finish posting, but I guess I accidentally posted it. Anyways, my pups got their vaccines the other day and the Dr. said they are all healthy and they look great! That made me very happy, I have tried so hard to care for those babies as best I can! And Maeve got her pins out yesterday. I am so happy! Except now I am nervous that it is not strong enough and we should have left the pins on for longer! I hope she will be OK. She will still need a while longer of inside rest before she can be set free again. Also, Lisa came to see my horse yesterday and she found that Zaiyah has an abscess on the bottom of her hoof, so now I have to put a poultice wrap and keep her confined and give her antibiotics for a week or so. Poor thing. I just wish she would get better so I could finally ride her. Yesterday Eric came with me to Jim Symy-somethings' house to get some bales for Zaiyah. He has this little 6 month old Basset Hound puppy that was following us and playing in the bales when we were loading them. He was so cute. Eric thought his name was Buster. I was like "No way that is not his name" So Eric called him Buster the whole time we were there. When we were driving up to the house to pay, I took a guess on what his name would be. I said Patches, but I really didn't think that would be it so I was trying to think of a different name. I just couldn't think of anything that suited him so I stuck with Patches, knowing that would probably not be his name. Eric was sure it was Buster anyways, but I was quite adamant that it was not. So I got to the house, paid, and asked what his name was. She say," Oh! That's Buster"!!!!!! I could not believe it. What are the odd Eric would get it right. Ha! I got back to the truck and Eric and I laughed hard about it. I thought for sure that would not be his name. Eric was very proud of himself. It was good though, it put him in a better mood cause he was mad he had to come to Arborg to get bales with me. He was happy all the way home. God works in funny little ways.

This weekend is Icelandic Festival in Gimli, and I know Eric and the guys will want to be there ALL weekend. I have to head to the city one day thought to pick up some VBS craft supplies and to get some stuff for the puppy babies! I still need to develop some pictures for their albums they are going home with. I also need to get a new printer or something. I need to make my home sheets and all that stuff for them. I am going to be so sad to see them go. They are so adorable. I am sure Eric will be glad though. He hates my dogs so much.

Kelly Ann has a blog, you should check it out! I will be adding it to my sidebar soon, she just started it. I got my new glasses today! Everybody likes them so far, but I really don't like wearing glasses. I just got them as a back up and to wear in the mornings and before bed. Sometimes I need to do stuff quick in the mornings but I don't have time to put my contacts in or I already have my contacts out and night and need to do something. I am so blind without anything. Keith and Stacey just had a baby girl! She is so adorable! I can't wait to have a baby, I think it's time. I really want one, or six. We'll start with one though. I just want to be a stay at home mom and work from home. I am tired of driving to work everyday. I love being at home doing housework and stuff. I LOVE IT! It makes me happy. When I had a few weeks off last spring when we first moved here I loved being able to stay at home and work or go to town and do errands. It sucks doing it after work because I hardly have any time at home after work at it is. And I can never make it to the bank on time. Argh, one day it will be over, all the driving and stress. I should go to be now though, I am wiped, today has been CRAZY.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I think his name is Buster, he looks like a Buster!

Yesterday all my babies came to work with me for their vaccines.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I need You!

This is my favorite song ever. It is by Relient K. I love them. I heard this song on the way to work this morning and I cried and cried because this is EXACTLY how I feel right now, every single part of the song. I feel lost, like I am drowning, like I am not close to God at all, like my heart is so bitter and empty from being hurt. You should download it or buy their new CD, Five Score and Seven Years ago. It is stellar!

"I Need You"

I've dug up miles and miles of sand
Searching for something I can't see
And I've just got bruised and battered hands
And a brand new void inside of me
Complete with walls I did create
From all the earth that I've displaced
A mess that I have made from what
I've just let pile and pile up

I have not been abandoned, no I have not been
Deserted and I have not been forgotten

I need you
I need you here
I need you now
I need security somehow
I need you
Like you would not believe
You're the only thing I want
Cause you're everything I need

Explore the cave that is my chest
A torch reveals there's nothing left
Your whispers echo off the walls
And you can hear my distant calls
The voice of who I used to be
Screaming out "someone, someone please
Please shine a light into the black
Wade through the depths and bring me back

I have not been abandoned, no I have not been
Deserted and I have not been forgotten

I need you
I need you here
I need you now
I need security somehow
I need you
Like you would not believe
You're the only thing I want
Cause you're everything I need

When my hopes seem to dangle
Somewhere just beyond my reach
You say you've heard my prayers
And read my words there on the beach

I need you
I need you here
I need you now
I need security somehow
I need youLike you would not believe
You're the only thing I want
Cause you're everything I need

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What to say!

I am just sitting here, my mind blank of what to write, there are lots of things I could post, but I am just not in the right mood. I could talk about the things I have done since my last post, but that's not that exciting. I didn't make this blog so I could just talk about what I did lately. Like anyone cares where I went last week, unless it was incredibly exciting and funny. Well.... maybe I will tell you about one of my favorite experiences at work.....

Lindsey: Hi, can I help you with anything?

Woman: Yes, we were just wondering if there is anything we can give our dog to make him stop scratching after he has a bath. I don't think it's fleas though. Everyone is telling me it is fleas but my dog does not have fleas. Do you have anything that will make him stop scratching?

Lindsey: It is only after a bath he is scratching?

Woman: Yes, only after a bath. Then the nexy day he is not scratching any more.

Lindsey: Well, what kind of shampoo do you use?

Woman: Baby shampoo, thats the best. People have told me thats the best.

Lindsey: It is actually not that great for dog's skin.

Woman: But people have always told me baby shampoo is the best.

Lindsey: It is the best HUMAN shampoo to use on a dog if you had nothing else and your dog really needs a bath. It sounds like your dog has sensitive skin. You might get away with using it on a dog that does not have sensitive skin, but human's skin has a different pH than a dog's skin pH, so shampoos formulated for human's skin are harsh on dog's skin.

Woman: Oh no, our baby is human, his skin is the same. Can't you just give me something that will stop his scratching after his bath. He only scratches after a bath.

Lindsey: Not really. He is scratching after a bath because his skin is irritated from the shampoo. We have some Aloe & Oatmeal shampoo that would be great for his skin if you would like to try that.

Woman: Oh no, we have tried dog shampoo and it didn't work.

Lindsey: Well your dog probably have sensitive skin and would need a shampoo that is gentle. Do you remember what kind of dog shampoo that was?

Deaf Woman: No. There must be something I could give him to stop him from scratching after his bath.

Lindsey: All we have for dry skin is Omega fatty acid supplements, but his skin is only dry after a bath. The only this I can reccomend to you is a gentle shampoo made for dog's skin.

Deaf and Blind Woman(that would be the only way it was logical to say this): Well, I am just going to keep using baby shampoo, because he only scratches after his bath.

Lindsey: (Silence.... slowly creeps into the back, away from clients)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Star Lake

For the past few days I have been at Star Lake in the Whiteshell with Eric's Mom's side of the family. It was great. I got to sleep in and relax. I went swimming alot, ate alot of good meals and read alot as well, something I don't get to do at home that often. We left on Sunday around 4:30. WAY later than I wanted to. We barely made it to WalMart where we bought two floating chair (which were awesome!), some sheets because we forgot ours (I pretty much grabbed the first ones i thought were nice because WalMart was closing) and the new Harry Potter book. I was still reading the 6th one, which i finished on Monday night. The 7th is really good, I am about 450 pages in (there are 600 pages). I am probably going to read all night. Anyways, Mon, Tue, and Wed were pretty much all the same. It was really hot all of those days and there was no air conditioning around. It was sweltering in the buildings. We took some minor comforts in short trips to West Hawk or Falcon in a cool vehicle. On Wednesday Eric and I went to Kenora. I have never been there before. It is pretty cool. I wouldn;t want to drive there in icy winter though, the way the street go up and down and around. Would be nice to live there though. We shared fries from the Ye Olde Chip Truck, which were amazing! I bought some earrings at a shop and we pretty much drove back. It was a really nice drive. This morning I woke up at 6:00 and headed to work. I stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and made it to work by 9. I wish I would have stayed all week and taken all that time off. Would have been so nice. I am going to the Bombers game tomorrow night with everyone though. Should be fun, I haven't been to one in a while and Eric has been itching to go. I should take off and read some more before someone tells me who dies in this book!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I am so tired!

This week has been really long. I have been working late almost everynight and it has been non stop moving! I still have tomorrow (Saturday) left, then I get to go to Star Lake with Eloa's family. It is going to be great. I am going to go swimming lots!! I might just live in the lake. It will be nice to have nothing to do for a few days, not even any dogs to take care of!

I have been spending time with my horse everynight for the last week and it has been great. I was planning to ride her soon but then she hurt her foot and I couldn't do anything with her. I hope it heals really nice, she is still limping on it, but only on gravel. On grass she walks fine.

Wow, I have nothing to post. This is bad. Maybe I will try again later!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dirt Boots

I can't believe we are back from camping already! It felt like we were barely there! We left on Thursday after work for Lilac Resort! We had to take all the chihuahuas, all eight of them because I couldn't find anyone to watch them. ywere a bit of a hassle because people were constantly coming and going to our site to see the puppies. Someone was actually even UPSET with me because I wasn't at my site a few times when they wanted to see the puppies. Well, I am so sorry I was not sitting at my site waiting for you, ALL DAY. Come on, I didn't bring them for people to come see all the time. So anyways, me and Eric would like to go camping to Star like with his family July 22-25th. If anyone wants to watch all, or some of my dogs, that would be great! I would even pay you!!!

Camping was fun, we got there on thursday night around 9. We pretty much just set up and went to bed, we didn't stay up late at all. But we did sleep in really late, until like 12. We didn;t even realize how late it was until one of my Aunties woke us up (coming to see the puppies of course). Eric had an appointment with his surgeon on friday and he said everything was good. So we picked some stuff up for people and bought some stuff we forgot. then I finally got to go swimming. But we realized we forgot to get meat in the city so we had to go again on saturday morning. The rest of the time was pretty much spent eating, swimming, sitting in the hot tub and hanging out with family. It was a good weekend but it was not long enough! I can't wait to go to the lake with Eric's family!! I realy don't have much else to post, so that's all for now.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Crazy Week!

Hmmm. Where do I start. So much has happened since my last post. I will try to go in order of actual events. But first some cute pictures!

This is my baby girl, Hazel, blinking from the flash. SO CUTE!
Auntie Maeve and the babies. Maeve takes alot of pride of caring for Paris' puppies. I finally let them play with her for the last time last week and she was so good! She cared for them like they were her own. They even tried to nurse her! LOL. Maeve has been dreaming since these babies were born that she could care for them!
My baby Devon, after falling in his plate of food! Paris happily cleaned him off.

Those are just some pictures I took last week. On Tuesday a family came to look at puppies and put a deposit on one. They might take another one but they need to talk about it. They were a very nice family and I am happy one of my babies is getting a great home! Thats why I hope they take two.

Early Thursday morning I drove Eric to the hospital for his surgery. You can read more details about it on
his blog. I shopped while he was in surgery because I couldn't stand to be waiting there. Then when I got back he was really sleepy so I said Hi to him and then let him sleep for a few hours while I read some of the books I bought him. I got back around 2 and I stayed there until after 8. It was boring at some points but I didn't want him to have to stay there all by himelf, with a room full of 9 other surgery patients who he didn't know. He had to stay there overnight so I stayed at my cousin Jodene's for night. I went to get him early in the morning. But that day I was sooooooo tired at work. I even had a long nap in the evening because I was so tired.

Then saturday we packed up and headed to Venessa's ( a vet I work with) wedding near Niverville. It was at a really pretty place called the Evergreen Village. It was set up really nice for a wedding and the food was really REALLY good. Then me and Meghan Gregory had soem fun...

We stole.... er, I mean borrowed some Rhubab from the patch and ate it. It wasn't very good. We also put out feet in the fountain and took our pictures by the arch. It was fun!
This is a picture of Eric and I at the wedding.

After the wedding we went to a movie and stayed at Eric's grandparents for night. Then we woke up early and headed for Grand Forks to pick up our new puppy!

And this is our new baby, Remy. He is so cute. Eric thinks he is the cutest puppy he has ever seen. He has an attutide though.

This is Remy's dad, Rio. He is the tiniest thing I'v ever seen. He is a whole 3 pounds full grown. So cute though.

Then we attempted to go shopping. We only attempted to go because when we got to Target, I realised that I had lost my wallet! The only place I can remember having it was in the bathroom at US Customs. I remember taking it in, putting it on the toilet paper dispenser, but I don't remember taking it out. I feel so stupid. So I only had 60 bucks US on me, so we could only afford a few dog treats, a kennel and some lunch. Of course when we got back to the border my wallet was gone from the bathroom and no one has turned it in there. So naturally I started bawling. Then we drove to Canadian Customs and they were so good about. I was crying, like an idiot, standing at the desk. But they just asked me a few questions and let me back into my home. They didn't even really hassle me about the puppy I brought back. So hopefully somebody found my wallet and will send it back, but I will still have to get all new stuff. The only thing that will be a real hassle is the birth certificate.

Right now my baby puppy is sleeping at my feet, because he is scared of all the dogs. Maeve was really mean to him when she first saw him, very aggressive, not in a mean way, but with her body language. I was a little overwhelmed when I got home, but I feel better now. I need to go to bed now though. I can't wait to go camping this weekend, without having to take care of anything. I can just sleep all day! It will be great.

Monday, July 02, 2007


I can tell today is going to be a stellar day! Instead of starting with three beautiful things that have happened this morning, I will start with three sickening/crappy things that have happened. I know, I am such a positive pigdeon.

  • I woke up to Maeve's kennel being full of bandaging. Yep, she decided it was time to start tearing her bangade apart today.

  • Then she proceeded to take a huge crap on my rug after being outside.

  • Then Kathleen called to tell me the round pen was too wet for me to work my horse in today. That is three days in a row that I can't work with her that I wanted to. Sat and Sunday it was raining, and now today it is too well ARGH! Frustrating

I guess I can be positive about things। I have to change Maeve bandages today anyways. But if she is as repeat offended she will have one of those satelite e-collars on her head so fast she will not know what hit her! And I should have walked around more outside with her so she could poop. But I have no control over the horse thing. I think Maeve dedicated today to be a complete jerk. Because right now she is sitting on the leather couch, which she is NOT allowed to do. I should go. I have alot of house cleaning to do today. And I have to feed my babies! I hope your day started out better than mine!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Things!

Today's post is full of new things in my life.....
  • a new blog layout (as you can see)
  • a new blog
  • new hair
  • new rain ( oh wait, the rain is getting really old already. ARGH!)
  • a new car
  • a new home

Well.... the last two are in my dreams. So I finally decided to switch up the look of my blog, but only a little bit. Blogger doesn't give you much selection and I only like the dots. Plus now I can use all the pretty light colors of text that you can't see on a white background.

I don't have a new blog, but Eric does. He decided to make his own finally. It is called Eric's Thought's and the link is already on my sidebar. He is having surgery in a week so he wanted something to do while he recovers. It is pretty funny already... to me anyways. I love him, he's a doll!

And yes... my new hair. It was so bland and boring for so long. So I went to Melanie in Riverton and kind of told her what I wanted. It turned out great! I LOVE IT! And so does everyone else. I actually have a style now. Since I can't ever have a normal expression in a picture, this is all you get!.

Oh, I also added one of the AdSense things on my sidebar, so if you feel so generous please click on it every time you come to my blog and help me get some extra cash. Yeah I know, I stole this idea from Jobina. Thanks though! That's all for now!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Some pictures finally

I haven't posted any pictures in a long time so my blog has been boring. Here is something to look at finally.

Maeve sleeping, all legs intact.

My horse, Zaiyah

Korey working at the barn with Eric.

He loved it.

He was there for like 5 hours and didn't want to leave.

Maeve, with the pins in her leg. the picture is blurry, sorry.
All my babies! SO CUTE!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Today started out good. I woke up with lots of time to get ready, and it still felt like I slept in. I even had time to feed the babies. Work was kind of slow today so it was kind of relaxing. And then in the afternoon I checked my e-mail and things went downhill from there. The woman I am supposed to buy my new puppy from e-mailed and let me know how the pup was doing. Well.. it turns out the vet told her his testicles have not dropped yet, and they should have by now. If they do not drop, it is called cryptorchidism, and they should not be used for breeding. But today she said she could feel at least one of them, so with him being a chubby puppy, and a very small pup it could be easy to not be able to feel them that well. I hope everything works out. I was really looking forward to getting him. But the breeder is being so great about everything, and she said she would refund my deposit if they do not drop, so that is really nice. But for the whole day today before I got her return e-mail this evening, i was distraught. I couldn't just throw away 200 bucks and loose my deposit, but driving all that way and buying a puppy that would be no use in my breeding program is not what I would want either. ARGH! I feel a little better now though, because the breeder is so great about it.

The rest of the day was busy, as usually. Today we shaved a gross Pomeranian from the animal shelter that was found in a bush by hudson. It was so dirty and matted and SO THIN. All around it's neck were ticks and scabs and scars from so many ticks. Poor thing. We gave it really good nutritious food to help fatten it up . Then I WENT TO CURVES! and it was great! I worked out hard. It was nice to go there again. I haven't been there in forever! I feel so bad for slacking so much. Then I came home, ate and went to a meeting. After work I lunged Zaiyah for a while until it started getting dark. I really need to spend more time with her. I think I am going to go there tommorow morning and work her a bit before the farrier comes. I also should groom her a bit and clean her legs. They are filthy from so much rain and mud. Anyways I should go and feed my puppies, it is getting late. Tonight is the first night I am feeding them puppy food. I should take pictures of them too!


I HATE THE RAIN RIGHT NOW! I mean, i usually like rain, it is refreshing, but lately it has been way to much. Overdosed for sure. Life is still busy as ever. I really can't keep up. Today I bought half the stuff I need to make my fence out front, i expected to spend like 100, but it ended up being 300. And i still have at least 200 more dollars of stuff yet to get. ARGH. It makes me second guess building a fence there, no matter how bad I want it. I wish money would fall from the sky right now. I have no idea how we are going to save enough to go to Europe, yet I can't imagine not going. It would be devastating. We have been dreaming of it for years already. And now Eric is having surgery and will not be making much money for pretty much the rest of the summer. Maybe I should not have bought this puppy, but in the long run I will be glad I did, because i will need him to be at breeding age next spring, and buying one at any other time would be too late. It is so hard to get ahead in life. Maybe after all my dogs start having puppies everything will even out. These puppies of Paris will actually pay for everything. But we want to use some of that money for Europe. I hate money. I wish it wasn't around and everything was more simple. I wish you could live without it. It is so late, 1:45 am. I should get to bed. I should never of went to town. We got back at almost 12 and I still had to change Maeve's bandages, feed the dogs, feed the puppies and pay bills. I am going to be so tired and grumpy tommorow....

Monday, June 25, 2007

A new baby!

So yesterday was Terry & Eloa's 25th Anniversary BBQ, and it turned out really good. There was lots of people there and I think everyone had a good time. I would love to post pictures of it but I didn't take ANY! NONE AT ALL. That is so horrible. But anyways, it was fun. I was stressing out about the drink and ice situation for a while, but we actually ended up taking LOTS of drink home. Oh well. The cooler for the drinks was a canoe filled with ice, which I thought was the best idea ever (so did everyone else) and I would have been so sad if it didn;t work. It was a beautiful day, with a nice breeze every now and then. We made posters of pictures throughout thier marriage, and I think people really enjoyed those. I am glad it is over though, one less thing on my plate.

All my babies eyes are open now. They are soooooo much cuter. I think I am going to post them on a few sites soon. I would like them to all find homes before they are ready to go. I think I have homes for two already. They are trying to walk now too, one of them is pretty good. He just motors around, pretty fast for a little guy. My little girl, Hazel, was trying to climb into the bed today, but she is so wobbly, so she fell backwards and hit her head on the cage and started crying. She is pretty brave but definatly the loud mouth of the group. She cries the most.

I have been working with my horse a bit lately, and she is doing really good. I hope soon I can put and saddle on her and a few times after that ride her. I am still pretty timid. I am scared to get on her honestly. I have never been like this around horses, I don't know why I am so suddenly like this around them. It might be cause the last time I rode a horse I got bucked off and hit my head on the ground hard and was very sore and could barely move my neck for days. That might be it....

My house is still a mess as usual. I really need a maid I think. I just need to have a week of and get my house in order. I had a bunch of days off last week and it was great. I LOVE NOT WORKING. I love being at home and doing housework, taking care of animals, being able to run to town and go to the bank and post office and everything. It was great. I need to have babies and stay home I think. It's time. I for sure want to be a stay at home mom. I mean I will work breeding dogs and grooming, but it can be on my own time. I really don't think I was made to work for a boss forever. It is just not in me. I might even have an ebay buisiness. Being a farmer's wife I think that will work!

I bought a new puppy!!! Yes... I know, I have enough dogs as it is. But he is my stud for my girls, and if anyone else wants to breed to him I can make money like that as well. He is so cute. He is a Chihuahua of course, black with a little white spot on his chest. He is in Montevideo, Minnesota. A good eight hours away. Does anyone want to go for a ride to the states this weekend? We will do some shopping on Saturday! Cheryl might come with me. I should go clean my house I guess.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Comfortable houses, open eyes and runny noses.

I'm not even sure how long it has been since I had a real post. I even considered not blogging again because I was so far behind, I don't even know where to start. Lately I have felt really busy. I guess with working full time, 5 puppies, a dog with a broken leg, having plans every weekend and cleaning this house I have felt overloaded. I feel like I am struggling to keep up in life. I had the house fairly clean and I was proud of it, and now it is filthy again. But a couple night ago Eric and I tackled the spare room, which was a disaster, a complete disaster. Nothing was organized, and my dogs had been using it as their own private bathroom. It was disgusting. So we organized it. We threw lots of stuff away, put stuff in a yard sale box and I cleaned the rug. Now it is actually presentable. I bought some tubs at Wal Mart yesterday so it will look even better!

For our anniversary, my mom bought us an air conditioner. It is so nice! The one we had last year was so ancient, sucked lots of energy and barely worked at all. You had to sit right in front of it to feel the cold air. We also decided to get a little one for our room, because last year we slept in the living room for a couple nights because it was dealthy hot in our room. It seem a little overboard to have two, but there is no way the one in the living room would reach all the way to the other end of our trailer.

My puppies are doing great. I named the two black ones, Leroy and Hazel . But I can't think of names for anyone else yet. Leroy's eyes are open today. He is so cute. No one else's eyes are open yet though. Maeve is doing really good too. She is even using her leg quite a but. Today she is starting to chew and scratch at her bandage. But that's ok, it is probably getting itchy because it is supposed to be changed today. I am going to wait until Eric gets home to do it just in case she freaks out about it.

I am so sick. My nose is runny, i sneeze all the time, my chest hurts from coughing, and I am constantly clearing my throat because there is always something there. I went home early from work today because I wasn't feeling good. So when I got home I had a nap, make some soup and finished my quilt (finally!). It is so nice. I will post some picture of it soon. I bought the fabric over a year ago in Texas. It like 1o different kinds of plaid. I just need to cut it and wash it. I think I will do that tonight! I should go clean some more, do some laundy, finish my quilt and call about a new puppy!! Hopefully I will update this more often. I bet nobody reads this anymore because I am so useless at posting!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm a grandma!!!

YAY!!! The babies are here!! I am so excited! Check out Paris's Blog for pictures. She is a good mom and didn't need (or does she want) any help with her babies! They are so cute! I will post more later, I am tired and grumpy because for the third year in a row, Canada had a chance at the cup and lost it! This time it was my favorite team, the Ottawa Sentators....I could just scream!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

It has gotten crazier!

Just when I thought life was crazy it just got crazier! Paris is going to pop anytime so she requires extra monitoring. And then Maeve broke her leg on Thursday night just before bed. She was running around loose outside and I was calling her in. She just game ripping towards me at top speed, jumped to get on the deck and didn't quite make it. Her legs and body and head all hit the deck hard and she fell backwards. I knew it was broken right away and I started screaming and crying. I immediatly called Venessa and she was already at the clinic so we took her in. She casted it that night. But the next day when I got home from work her foot was swollen so I knew we had to get it off. So yesteday (Saturday) I went into work and we took the cast off and put a splint on. Yesterday and Today I really noticed she is alot more comfortable and happier with the splint. I still breaks my heart to watch her hobble around. It is so sad. But the vets convinced me to put a pin or two in her leg, so on wednesday she is going to get a pin put in.

Paris has been acting a litte different today, so I am wonding if tonight is the night. Probably, she is going to have her babies tommorow because it is June 4th and Eric has plans for out anniversary which we will probably have to cancel now. I will probably be up all night tonight with her. When I look at her right now it looks like she is starting to pant! I am gettting impatient for these babies to come, but I was really excited about Eric planning suprises for our anniversary. I still am. I think this post is getting really random and I should stop now. Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It has been so long...

WOW! It feels like forever since I wrote on here. So much has happened. I don't know what to say even. Well... Paris is doing great, getting really fat, and grumpy towards dogs, more loving and cuddly towards humans. I kinda feel sorry for her, it seems like she doesn't know what's going on, but I'm sure she does. I am starting to get really nervous about the birth, too. I mean, us humans usually make it to the hospital and have doctors deliver out babies. Paris just has me. I feel to inadequate. I really don't want to loose her, it would break my heart. It might seem silly think to pray about to you, but please pray for me about this. Pray that everything will go good, that her whelping will be easy and problem-free. Pray that I will not be so nervous, and that if something goes wrong, I will know what to do. I never thought I would be so nervous about this.

As for other things in life, they are good. Plans for Europe are moving along slowly, we are starting to save some money for it. We have paid off lots of bills lately too, which is REALLY nice. It's nice not to have that burden anymore. On Sunday we had C&C and we watched a Nooma DVD, Rain. It was really really good. I can't wait to watch the rest! Our house is slowly starting to get clean. Just the spare room left. Maeve is working out really nicely. We can let her off the leash outside and she sticks around. We went for a walk to the cabin the other day and she had a great time running in the bush, but everyonce in a while she checks to make sure we are still around. I wanted a dog like that. She is such a smart thing. So many people have told me that Irish Setters are dumb, but she picks up on stuff pretty fast. She just doesn't listen to "Come" when she is far away or chasing something. She loves catching my rabbits that are loose in the yard too. She is the sweetest dog too. You can do anything to her, she has no aggressive bone in her body at all. I have never heard her growl. She loves playing with other dogs, but nobody want to play with her. She has soooooo much energy and she loves to run as fast as she can. She is a endless pit for food too. She will eat and eat and eat until she pukes. After we feed her she searches everywhere for more food.

I bought new shoes today, a black pair of Dawgs. They are so ugly, but they are pretty comfy, and they breathe really good so hopefully my stupid athlete's foot will go away, I am not even an althlete. Tonight Eric, Me and a bunch of his friends are going to Brennevins in Gimli. I haven't been there in soooooooo long! I am so excited to go. Anyways, I should go for now. I have to go buy Venessa a shower gift for tommorow night! I will try to update more, for those of you that even care.
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