Thursday, May 14, 2009

"This Sucks"

The best thing ever happened today. It is pretty windy and stormy out today, as most of us have experienced, so the power went out at about 7:45. It flickered a bunch so I knew it would be out for a while. I had small groups and Eric decided to go to town. I was so happy Christy's house had power. I had a really great night at small groups! I love my girls lots!

Kellly Ann was supposed to come over to watch 90210, but because the power was still off we dropped her off at home. We pulled into our pitch dark driveway and sadly walked into our blackened house. I was thinking of where I put the lighter so we could get all the candles going, and starting to panic cause I could not see anything and I couldn't remember. "This sucks" I said. Not even a 1/2 second later, the lights flicker back on! I was speachless for a while...Thanks God!

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Jay Boaz said...

We ended up going to bed early since we didn't have anything to do. I gladly would have gone outside to kick a soccer ball around or something but it was freakin' nasty out there!

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