Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Live For Change!

Lack of posting. I know. Terrible. So many times I have started to write and NOTHING comes! I have a few things I would like to post about sometime, but to sit down and write them.

ANYWAYS, to the interesting stuff. Sunday we were supposed to have our last soccer game of the year. I was SO pumped for it. But because it was rainy and the field was pretty wet, it was cancelled. This was at about 1:45. At 1:47 I decided it would be fun to drive to the city and get my lip pierced! So I called Soul Survivor and what do you know, they were open till 8 and had lots of appointment left! So Eric, Kelly Ann and I went for a quick ride to the city, and voila:

It did not even hurt! It still hasn't really hurt. It is sore, but not really painful . I am so suprised. I expected way more pain than this! I love it so much though! (Kelly Ann has had her's for a month already. So no, I didn't take her behind her parents back! :) )

Afterwards we went to Carlos & Murphy's in Osborne, a mexican restaurant. It was delish! They had Chili & Lime Franks Red Hot sauce there! SO YUMMY! We were going to go to a movie, but were were about 1/2 hours late to all of them. So we went home and watched one. It was a great day! I love doing sponteneous things like that!


Dayna said...

haha. i totally thought this post was gonna be about coins.

i too was dissapointed about the game being cancelled.

oh, and pretty piercing!

Lyss said...

I absolutely LOVE your hair...oh, and the piercing ;)

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