Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spruce Woods Trail Ride

This past weekend I had the priveledge of joining Kathleen and a few other ladies in Spruce Woods for some trail riding. I took my older horse, Chai. It was a great time! The weather wasn't the best, but the riding was awesome. It is such a beautiful place! We met 3 older men there that had been riding there for years, and they were gracious enough to show us around. We would have missed out on some really nice trails if it wasn't for them!! I also heard some pretty interesting stories around the fire there!!! Spruce Woods has a really nice Equestrian Campground. It was only 18 bucks for an electrical site and a nice paddock for the horses! I definately would like to go there again. And I know Eric would love to join me!

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Coach Dueck said...

You bet, babe!

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