Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Babies!

We had a very busy holiday season, but it was fun! It started on the 23rd after work/agility classes. We drove out to Matheson Island to be with my parents. Then we drove back the 24th for the Furgala gathering. On the 25 in the morning Eric and I had our own, we went to church, and then spent the rest of the day at Eric's parents. Boxing day we braved the weather to go to Eric's Kroeker gathering in Winnipeg. Sunday was spend mostly relaxing, but we made supper in the evening for Sean & Alyssa and Kelly Ann and Kristinn. The 28th was spend with Terry and Eloa their kids and all the significant others! I couldn't imagine a quiet Christmas, it just isn't right.

Remy was pretty sick over Christmas, which included a trip to the Arborg clinic for supplies/medications on Christmas day. He was not eating/vomiting/etc for a couple days, but he is doing much better now. He is basically back to normal. He just gets stressed really easily! In other dog news, Paris is pregnant! She is due February 3rd. We ultrasounded her today and saw 4 babies for sure, possible 5. I can't wait to have babies running around the house again!

Tomorrow I am going shopping in Wpg with Kelly Ann and Alyssa. I am quite excited about it. I have a couple things to get, but for the most part it will be looking around in places I don't normally go! I guess thats it for an update from me. I am doing another NaBloPoMo in Jan, a little different than before! It shall be interesting!

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Mike said...

I have a blog that I follow that I think you may like. She does a lot of work with getting dogs adopted. She is also a good blogging friend.

Happy New Year!

By the way, I am no spammer, I was just browsing blogs and saw that you were into dogs!!!

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