Monday, March 12, 2012

9 Weeks!

I have seen this journal on a couple other blogs and I really like it. It is such a great way to document this amazing journey! Although most people include belly pictures, I won't for the most part. I don't have the right body type to do that, seeing as how most people think I already have a baby belly. Sorry people, it's still just chub. 

Size of baby: Grape
Total Weight Gain: Around 2lbs
Continuing symptoms: Tiredness, congestion, breast tenderness (starting to decrease now), enhanced sense of smell, round ligament pain when I cough or roll over in bed fast ( I know they say that doesn't start till the 2nd trimester, but I don't know what else it would be!)
New symptoms this week: Nothing really new, other than coming down with a wicked cold that left me stuck on the couch for several days.
Maternity Clothes: I haven't been wearing a whole lot, but I have swapped my regular jeans and belt for maternity jeans. The belt was getting a little tight!
Sleep: I sleep great! Other than the intense dreams I have every night.
What I'm Eating: Pretty much everything, except garlic butter. It grosses me out. I especially love pomellos recently!
Cravings: Nothing anything specific really, but strong preferences for sweet or salty things 
Special pregnancy moments:
Being the pregnant lady in the room! I just love soaking up the joy of this experience. I am so very blessed!

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