Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Crib Dilemma

Sometimes when I get an idea in my head, I am pretty determined to see that idea through.

I was completely determined to get the Venetian Iron crib. I was going to save the money and order it. Nothing was going to change my mind.

And then the opportunity came for me to buy the crib, and all of a sudden I wasn't so sure. It was a lot of money. But so many of the other cribs I didn't like. I don't want one that converts to a bed later on. I just wanted a plain simple crib. No sleigh bed look, no fancy wood cuts or detail, nothing.

So where better to get plain, simple furniture than Ikea! I found 3 cribs that I like:

This is my least favourite because of the wave details on the end. But I am wondering if I will want that eventually.
 This is plain, simple, perfect!
 This is also plain and simple, and I can't decide!
They are all under $160. Which one do you like the best? Do you think they will be safe? Getting one of these means giving up my dream crib forever, but I think I could use that extra money elsewhere!


Dayna said...

M had the middle one and i always liked the simplicity of it. she doesn't use it any more, should i ship it to you? JK! :) personally i think it's the nicest of the three... and even though your dream crib is INCREDIBLE i think it might be even more fun to spend that extra money on extra things!

Stacey said...

Ikea cribs are great :) I like the middle one the best.

Lindsey Dueck said...

The best part is that I won't need the crib until after Ikea opens in Winnipeg! :)

My mom doesn't like the cribs, she thinks they are too plain and wants to take me shopping to look around!

Jobina said...

the only thing is that the cribs often have a cheap bottom on them (meaning wood product instead of spring bottom) and also I'm not sure if they are the same size as a regular crib. I would double check that just to ensure that you don't have to also buy their bedding (unless you really like theirs!). We bought ours on clearance at echildren for the same price that Walmart was selling cheap yucky cribs. Since you have time, keep your eyes open for a sale, you may be able to get a really good crib for the price of a cheap one. Just a disclaimer here though, I'm not poo-pooing ikea cribs, just encouraging you to take the time to find what is important to you in a crib and go for that.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I like crib #2 ... But like the idea of a sale too! :-)

Hillary said...

I like the middle one best too! Are you going to get white? I like it lots :) It must be so fun to plan a nursery!

Brittney said...

That is a toughie! I vote crib #3:) Good choice on not getting a convertible one btw - we have one and it wasn't worth the extra $$ - started off really nice but our son's slowly destroyed it over time! Would've been better to get a new, separate toddler bed.

Kelsey Loewen said...

If you were just asking me which one I liked best, I'd say the last one :) Can't wait to meet your baby. So happy for you and Eric.

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