Monday, August 13, 2012

31 Weeks

Size of baby: Four Navel Oranges ( 3.3lbs and 16 inches)
Total Weight Gain: 23 lbs - YIKES!
Continuing symptoms: Sore feet, frequent bathroom visits, heartburn, sore hips.
New symptoms this week: I am starting to notice my belly get in the way a lot

Sleep: It has been pretty good this week, actually. I need to go to bed earlier though!
Maternity Clothes: Love Them
What I'm Eating: Trying to eliminate sugar and carbs, so eating a lot of fruit, veggies, meat and cheese!
Cravings: Coffee with cream 

Movement: Tonnes and tonnes of movement! I love it. The baby moves a lot when I am going to bed and often wakes me up in the morning. The only frustrating thing is that Eric doesn't get to feel the baby a lot. Every time I get him to feel the baby stops moving. Then he takes his hand off and the baby starts moving again. I get frustrated because I want to share this experience with him, and with other people too. But baby Dueck only likes to move for Mommy!

Special pregnancy moments:  I think I am going to change this section to "Other Pregnancy News"

I found out the result of my glucose tolerance test, it was high. So I have to go back for the 75mg 2 hour test. Today I took my blood sugar after eating a sugary breakfast (my own glucose tolerance test) and my blood sugar was 8.8 after 1 hour, which is high. Then an hour later it was back down to 4.1 which is normal. Later in the afternoon 1 hour after I had a snack of a banana and some cheese my level was 5.5, which was still normal. This is why I am wanting to eliminate white carbs/starchy foods and sugar. I think this can be controlled well with diet. Maybe a proper diet will stop me from gaining too much weight too! 

I am really disappointed in myself. I should have eaten better and exercised more, and lost more weight before being pregnant. Maybe I could have stopped this. But I also felt like this was inevitable. My mom had gestational diabetes with me, diabetes runs in my family, I have PCOS and I am overweight. That is like every single risk factor. I felt guaranteed to get it. 

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