Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girly Apron - A Project From Pinterest

I have been starting at this cut fabric and pattern for a week. It kind of confused me, plus the pattern was in centimetres and all my sewing, cutting and measuring tools are in inches. Not that I can't convert it, but it just was an extra step. I hd to make the bib quite a bit wider, the size from the pattern was half the size,  quite impractical. I think it turned out great, and was fairly easy to sew when I finally figured everything out!

This was my inspiration from Pinterest:


All in His Perfect Timing said...

Super cute!!! LOVE it!!!

Dayna said...

super cute! you inspire me to try new things! so far i haven't moved too far away from quilts but i'm starting to feel like sewing something new! i actually have a project in mind and the fabric is already bought... hmmm... :)

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