Tuesday, June 25, 2013

8 Months!

Well I am officially a terrible blogger! Being a busy mom will do that to you! Most of my freetime (AKA naptime) is spend doing chores, cooking and sewing diapers! 

Our boy is now 8 months old. We have been talking regularly about how "grown up" he seems now. Baby doesn't seem like the right word to describe him anymore, he is a little boy!

He started crawling a few weeks ago! And by crawling I mean doing the worm, but he gets where he needs to go. He is *almost* able to crawl on all fours. Regardless of crawl method, he gets around. He now leaves the fun and safety of his playmat to come join me in the kitchen, play with the dog bowls and eat morsels of food he scavenges. I try to keep my floors a lot cleaner now!

He is also starting to mimic us with sounds. So far no words, but he enjoys when we emit the same yell he does. 

We took him camping a few weekends ago, and he loves it! He really seems to love being outside a lot! 

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Brittney said...

What a sweet boy! Love those chubby cheeks:)

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