Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Friendship is a funny little thing. I seem to not know much about it since I have been married. I guess people don't thing married people like having friends. But I do.... well I think I would, I really haven't had the chance to experience a good friendship lately. I mean, I have friends that I could call up and do something with if i wanted. But I guess they forgot my number! I just haven't had a really good friend that I can tell my secrets to. There is always Eric, but he doesn't always think in the same way I do. Some of my friends have so many friendships on the go that they don't have enough time to have a proper friendship with any of them. Maybe having so many friends makes them feel like a somebody. And then when one of their "friends" has something major happen in their lives which draws lots of attention, this friend seems to latch on to that person for a while, even if they hardly know them, and procaim their undying love and loyalty to this person....... until that episode ends and another friend has something exciting in their lives. May not make sense to you, cuz it doesn't to me either. I just hope I never have someone like that. I would hate to have a friend that only paid attention to me when I lost someone or got sick.
It's also funny how you can know some people for a few years, they seem to love you, and then a new person comes along and no longer are you getting phone calls to hang out any more. I think I am done ranting for now. All that I have to say for sure is Team Barbie is MINE and no one else came up with that name. It was all me. Okay... I am done now.

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