Sunday, November 19, 2006

Grey Cup Is No Fun

I am at Terry and Eloa's now and I am soooooooooooo bored. Everybody is watching Grey Cup upstairs but I don't want to watch it. I am in a grumpy mood... I am tired and my tummy hurts from stupid cramps.

Anyways.. I can't wait to go back to Europe. I love it so much! I just got a new book yesterday, Let's Go: Europe on a Budget 2007. It is awesome. I makes me soooooo pumped to go back there. I think we are going to go in Fall 2007 with Sean and whoever else wants to come!

My mom finally borrowed us a satalite and a receiver so we can FINALLY have TV. that is so awesome. We haven't had TV in our home for like 7 months, but now winter is coming and we won;t spend so much time outside, and all the good shows are on. Like the OC

I love christmas, i can't wait to go shopping next weekend for stuff... and to get a tree, and to wrap presents. I already decorated our trailer with all the decorations we own, which isn't very much. Eric won;t allow our home to have a fake tree, so i have to wait until December to get one. lol. My dogs are going to eat it this year, Fleury for sure. She is a vacuum. She thoroughly enjoys eating.

Speaking of dogs, I bred Paris this fall, anout a month ago. We ultrasounded her at work and it didn;t show that she had any babies., but she has always been a skinny dog, and her belly just keeps getting bigger. So I am still keeping the hope alive for now..... I love puppies. I want hundreds of them.


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