Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Cabin

So I did go to the cabin, and of course I had a great time. Kelly Ann watched the dogs and Eric came with me. We left after work on Friday and went to Europa for gyros and pita bread. On the way out of town we spotted Sarah and Jay leaving Subway so we asked if we could follow them. We were the first ones there. We set up out tent, I got mad cuz Eric didn't bring lots of blankets like I told him. I tried to emphasise in my note by writing....




-Blankets *LOTS*

But he thought I wanted them for warmth so he only brought two, one for the top, one for the bottow. ARGH! I like them for softness. We could have actually used more blankets for warmth, it got really cold at nights. Anyways, after setting up we went inside the cabin and played Blokus with Jay and Sarah. Finally a few hours later the people started to straggle in. It was a good weekend. We did lots of food making, game playing, fire watching, food eating, boating, tubing and floating on an awesome 4-person "Funstation". Except we had like 8 or 9 people on at one time. I am glad that we went. It was lots of fun. I even went shopping and bought some nice seashell stuff for my bathroom. Oh, and cool clear dice that look like ice!

The ride home was rough. Because we followed Sarah there, we didn't really pay attention on how to get there. So on the way back we turned the wrong way 3 times. The first two weren't that bad, we realised it right away. But the last one we were driving for like 15 or 20 minutes in the wrong direction. We could see the city already. I was so upset. It was all my fault of course, I am supposed to be the navigator. So I cried of course. Hard. I just wanted to be at home so badly. I was hoping we would get home around 6, but it was close to 9 when we got home. I hate getting home late. Then we have to go to bed right away and then go to work first thing in the morning. I like to have time to relax and recover and even do some cleaning around the house.

Yesterday I just felt really overwhelmed. Today I do as well, but last night it just felt like I was suffocating. I was just so worried about everything, but without anything major to worry about. I just need a clean house. And to get ready for a yard sale. I think we are going to have a yard sale this weekend, to get rid of some of the stuff we have and make some money for Europe.

Today I had a great experince. At about 7:30 I went to go see my horse. When I unloaded the bale and looked up into the sky there was this huge streak of lightening. I could see rain in the distance but I thought I would have lots of time to work with my horse. So I drove up front and parked the truck. As I was walking to the barn to get my halter I heard it. The rain was coming towards me from the back of the barn. I could hear it on the tin roof, just a little bit at first and then it got louder and louder and I saw the drop coming for me. I ducked into the barn and grapped the halter, hoping the rain wouldn't last long. But by the time I got the halter and went back outside it was pouring, huge, warm drops. I ran to the truck and waited for a while, but it didn't look like it was planning to stop anytime soon. So I drove home and it was barely raining there. Maeve was hiding underneath the bay window in a hole she dug in the flower bed. The lighting was really beautiful after that rain. It is hard to describe. It was like an amber coloured glow. I should go wake Eric up so he can sleep in our bed instead of on the couch. Poor guy is so tired lately.

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