Friday, August 17, 2007

All By Myself.

Tonight I am all alone. Eric went a day early to Charles' wedding for the rehersal so I have to go by myself tomorrow. Maybe I can get a ride with someone. Again, it has been forever since I posted. Maeve is doing great, having a blast runnning around outside. Zaiyah's foot is still hurting, I think I have to start wrapping it again. I just want it to heal already so I can ride her this summer. I don't think that is going to happen now. I am so sad. I am watching Aquamarine right now, it is keeping me company. LOL. I didn't have any supper, I think I am going to make KD. I really don't have much to post. I am really excited about Europe now, I can't wait to go. We have been doing alot of planning lately.

Last week we did VBS, it was WaterWorks Park and it was lots of fun. I did crafts and Eric taught. We had almost 30 kids this year! It was crazy! Crazy but good. I had lots of fun crafts to do. I just wish we had a better place to do it other than tents in a parking lot. I will write better stuff another day, I am off to eat supper @ 11:20 and watch this movie.

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