Monday, October 08, 2007


....well not ever, but for at least three months. You can keep track of Me, Eric, Sean and Joel by visiting Dueck's Do Europe! It's going to be great. I am leaving you with some pictures I recently took. They are mostly my dogs, but they are fun. Some are my dog's in their Halloween costumes, on the way to the dog party, at the dog party, looking guilty. I love the last one of Paris, it is soooo pretty. Oh, and the scrabble board is Eric and my last game we played the other night. Check out our awesome words, see how many new words you can pick out! I won by the way!


Anonymous said...

Hope you guys have a really awesoem time! Will be praying for ya! -Hill :)

. said...

i LOVE that last one of Paris! see you in less than 3 weeks!

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