Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What's Up

I go on here to post and then everything leaves my head!...

Saturday I slept in... sooo nice... and then we went to Evan and Renita's wedding. It was nice, and also really short!! Then we had a bonfire at Dahlen's and played SingStar. I have some good footage of that!

Sunday we went to the Great Manitoba Dog Party at Assinaboine Park. It was fun. There was tonnes of dogs there. We were constantly stopped by people wanting to see the puppies! But we sold one! Devon went to a really nice young couple that lives in Winnipeg. They are going to have so much fun with him. I was sad to see him go, and Jean Luc is all alone, but he needed a place that would give him lots of individual attention, and that's what he got. That night we got home and paid a visit to Evan and Renita's house.

Last night we finally sat down and made a rough plan for Europe. The calender can be seen at our travel blog Dueck Do Europe. It was rough, but it is nice to have some sort of a plan. Now I am trying to learn some French so I can try and get along while we are in France. It is kind of rough! I don't remember anything from high school. Maybe it will start to click when I am there. I put the CD lessons on my ipod and I am bringing the lesson book with me. I should get started now!!

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Anonymous said...

hey lindsey! sounds like you're having lots of fun getting ready fro your trip! i hope you guys have a blast! hey i have this amazing language learning program you download for free, and I think they have french on there. It gives different categories with lists of about 15 words each, and you can quiz yourself, and hear the word slower if you need to. It's a sweet program, and it might help you out! check out www.byki.com if you want!
anyway, hope you have an awesome week! -Hill :)

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