Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No More Wisdom For Me!

Thanks everyone who gave me encouragement and tips on my last post. I really appreciate that! I really see this as the time to make some changes. I have been thinking about it for a long time so it is time to start doing!

On a less bright note, I paid a visit to the neighborhood dentist today. After the Xray the first thing he said was " This is not going to be fun"... insert cricket chirping and Lindsey gulping.... it was quiet for a while before I said "Are they going to have to come out?" And of course the answer was yes, all 4 wisdom teeth are coming out. Next thursday actually. A week from tomorrow. I am not ready for this. I need a month to metally prepare myself. I opted to get sedation, because I don't think I could sit there awake, I think I would panic. I am almost crying now thinking about it. I am so scared. I am scared of anesthetic, even though I see it everyday, i don't want it to be me. Pray for me and that this will all go well. Plus it is 1000 bucks, something we do not have now. But it is now or in 3 months, and I am scared it will hurt for 3 months. ARGH. This is no fun. Oh, to add to it, there is a 1% chance he will hit my nerve while taking one out and my lip will be numb, possibly for the rest of my life! YAY!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! I will cry right along with you!! I will probably have to get mine taken out sometime within the next year for sure...I am so not looking forward to it!
I hope you have a good rest of the week! See you on Sunday!

Jobina said...

I had to do this shortly after we moved to Mennville and was about your age! I had all 4 removed in one shot, one was easy, the rest were nasty and growing facing my other teeth. I opted for the sedation where they can still talk to you and somewhere in your subconscious it connects and you respond. And yet at the same time, I had the most blissful sleep and felt so wonderfully relaxed! When I came to the first thing I said to the nurse was, "can I do that again?"
BTW, you CAN slurp kraft dinner through an almost closed mouth and swallow with out chewing! Trust a very hungry girl with a jaw that wouldn't move! Oh, and if you have a Magic bag, throw it in the freezer, it feels great on that sore jaw!

. said...

wow! you are really going into this change theme with full force! less time to think about it is probably for the best! i am hoping this isn't something i will have to do here. would rather be at home in my own bed (canadian home, conadain bed... wherever those may be!)

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