Monday, January 28, 2008

I am OK!!!

Thanks everyone who prayed for me on Thursday! Everything went really smoothly. I didn't panic or anything. The anethesiologist and the dentist were awesome and made me feel totally relaxed. I remember almost everything. I was really sleepy but I remember him fiddling around in my mouth, but I don't remember him pulling or any pain!! I was out of there in 15 minutes. I was really sleepy for the afternoon. Even after the freezing wore off I didn't have much pain. Actually I was just a bit sore until yesterday when I didn't take my T3 often enough and my jaw ached really back. Today I feel ok as well, my back is more sore than anything. I feel like a cripple old lady crouching around work. LOL.

I don't have time to post more today. I really want to try but not having internet at home makes me a less frequent blogger than I would like!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear things went well for you! I was praying for ya! Hope your week continues to go well! -Hill :)

. said...

yay for no more wisdom teeth! and for the removal of them not beinf too painful! missing you over here...

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