Thursday, July 03, 2008

1st Road Trip!!

This no internet thing is really cramping my blog style. Anyways...

This past weekend Eric and I went on our first road trip in our Versa. We were so pumped to be going somewhere, we LOVE road trips. I hope we can do another in the fall, a little bit longer this time, and probably not to get a dog. We left Friday evening and drove to Fargo. Our hotel was only $43! It was nothing new, but it was clean. We had and AMAZING sleep and woke up feeling refreshed. I wanted to have a shower but there was no shampoo or anything so I opted not to, bad choice. Later in the day my hair was completely dry, but it looked soaked. ( I think I got away with it though, cause it was raining all day)

We went to Target first, cause it was out of the way. We mostly bought dog stuff, and some clothes for my bro.

We went to Chilli's for lunch. We had an awesome, energetic server (she got a great tip). It was so hard to pick what to eat. Everything looked so delicious. Of course we orderd too much and I was to full for desert :(. I had a strawberry lemonade that was amazing! It was also bottomless! I wish we could have went there more.... next time. The bill was alot less than we thought it would be for the amount of food we got. It was less than 20 bucks a person with appetisers, the meal and drinks!

After lunch we shopped at Petco and bought some bowls, treats and ID tags for Finnley and Spitfire. We didn't shop that much, cause we didn't have that much to buy.

We drove to Detriot Lakes (where we were picking up Finn) early and tried to find a vet. Some nices ladies in Wal-Mart helped us find a guy that could give Finn his rabies shot so we could take him over the border. We got really lucky cause most places were closed on Saturday. We shopped a bit in Wal-Mart. Most of the stuff I bought was for my mom.

We met the breeder in the Wal Mart parking lot and she informed us that Finn gets car sick, and she didn't know that before (YAY, they don't have gravol in the US). We put him in the car and he immediatley peed on his blanket. YAY. He also hopped from the hatch to the back seat to the front seat and all over the place. I went back into Wal Mart to buy another blanket for him and I also picked up a car harness, probably my best decision of the day. When I had got back to the car he had a nice crap waiting in the hatch (on the blanket luckily) and Eric had let him drag it all over the car with his feet because "you took both leashes inside and forgot your cell phone in the car, what else was I suppposed to do". YAY. Eric got sent back into Wal-Mart to buy some cleaner and paper towel while I walked Finn through puddles to get the diarrhea off his feet.

We got the car all cleaned up and put the new blanket in the car and got the car harness of Finn and buckled him up. I just wanted to get home ASAP. Because there is no gravol in the US, Finn puked in our car 5 times. I was so happy for the blanket and towel I had bought earlier, and the paper towel Eric got. After he got that out of his system he pretty much slept all the way home.

At the border we had to get our vehicle checked in the garage. They found illegal fireworks in our bag, that we bought 2 trips ago. Eric forgot they were there! ARGH. We didn't get in that much trouble anyways.

We got home about 1:30. Finn didn't whine that much and we slept good.

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Anonymous said...

I think Eric (being a biological DUECK) should get a bit more credit for cleaning up pee, puke & crap for a dog he has not yet bonded to. So, shall I order chocolates for him, send flowers or is it enough that a dear ole Auntie is noticing his intense support of his wife's pet fetish?

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