Friday, July 04, 2008

He Is Faithful!

On Tuesday night Eric, Travis and I went to Gimli for icecream. We left the Setters out free in the yard, even though I was worried about it, Eric insisted it would be ok. Two hours later when we got home, Maeve was in the yard, and Finn was no where to be found. I tried to remain calm. We borrowed a spotlight from Waldon and searched downtown Mennville. No sign of him.

I had visions of him getting lost in the bush, being attacked by coyotes, not knowing where to sleep for the night, being so scared and alone so far from home (we only had him for two days). I heard a pack of coyotes going crazy and I broke down. I was bawling, begging God to just let him be ok. I prayed so hard. Kathleen and Madison also joined the search for him, I stayed home all called off the deck. There was no sign of him for like an hour.

After praying like crazy, I just felt like I had to calm down and relax. I don't feel like God is speaking to me that often, but this time I felt that He did. He just told me to trust Him completely and not to worry. That is kind of hard for me, cause I know God gives, but He also takes away. I just did not want this to be a taking away time, and I was so worried it would be. However, I did calm down and started watching TV, waiting for Finn to come home.

As soon as I got focused on the show instead of on Finn, I heard a thump outside. I didn't want to check right away, cause I didn't want to get my hopes up. I opened up the door and Finn jumped up on the deck completely filthy! I was SOOOO ecstatic! I cried and thanked God over and over again. He was completely fine! He had no idea I was so worried. He got a bath and it was to bed.

I just had to share this story cause I just feel God showed me that He WILL answer my prayers, that He IS there and that He IS listening, and that He IS faithful.


Anonymous said...

you mean mennville has a downtown? jk. the same thing happens to me once in a while. i have a cat who tries to go outside every chance she gets. when she does go outside (especially if i don't know it) i worry about whether or not she comes back, but no matter how long she's gone, she always comes back.

. said...

thanks for sharing the story, lindsey. i love how GOd shows Himself to us!

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