Saturday, October 04, 2008

Back to Blogging...

As you can tell, all of September I was really slack at blogging. I had tonnes to blog about, but I was busy and my dial-up internet takes at least 20 minutes to log onto blogger, if it even loads at all, and I just didn't have the patience. But here I am, all high-speed wirelessed up and ready to blog! LOL

September flew by for a few reasons. One, I refused to believe summer was over and that fall was beginning, so I denied it was even September. Two, my first two days of the month are a blur after being stuck on a reserve. And lastly, I just has so much to do!!

My house is coming closer and closer to become organized. Every now and then it starts it's downward slide again, but we have managed to keep up! We hired Kelly Ann to help us around the house with day to day cleaning, so we would have more time to do the organizing and stuff. It has been awesome so far!! It is so nice to have to help!

My Partylite business is going awesome! To get my first 6 shows in the first month I had to do a little bit of teeth pulling, so I was kinda discouraged about that. But the last two shows I had, 10 people booked a party. TEN!!! I was blown away. So now, for October I have 8 shows on the calender already booked, One book party, and one person that has to pick their show date. Also, I already 3 shows on the calender for November, and at least 3 that are having parties but need to pick their date! Also in Ocotber I am setting up a table at my family garage sale in town and one in November at a Ladies Aid thing! And all of these things are mostly in Riverton! I haven't even branched out to Arborg and Gimli yet like I have wanted to! Plus with all these shows coming up, you never know how many more bookings I will get for those two months!! 8 shows in a month are alot for me, and I don't want to keep this up all the time. I want to eventually do 2-4 shows a month. But Fall is the busy season and the best time to start! In my first three months, if I have 6 show and sell over $2300 in product in each of those months I will get like $4500 in product and gift certificates from Partylite! It is called the "Brite Start" program, and I have made it my goal to Brite Start for my first three months, and so far it looks like it will happen! YAY!

Plus I LOVE doing parties! It is so fun and easy. You just hang out with a bunch of ladies all night. I love meeting new people, or even talking to people I know but don't really ever talk to. I actually see it as my ministry. It is a great way to get in touch with people you wouln't normally!

The only downside of Partylite is I now have tonnes of teal boxes in my house, and not much room to keep them!

I should go for now, I have a dog coming for a haircut really soon and I need to get set up!

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amy said...

I am so excited for you that your partylite is going so well. I'm looking forward to Pam's spa party, that sounds fun!
Also, wondering on dates for your garage sale. I went last year and had some great finds.

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