Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Can Come Over Now!

My house is still not 100% where I want it to be, but I think i can finally have some people over! Lots of places still need tidying, but it isn't a complete disaster!

This evening Eric went to play hockey so I cleaned for like 2 1/2 hours. I got alot done. I cleaned the Irish Setter's room, the Chihuahuas kennel, scrubbed the hallway on my hands and knees, did laundry, dishes and organized our finances a bit. I feel very productive!

A few days ago I made another two batches of cookies, Frosted Cashew Drops and Double Chocolate Espresso cookies. Once I start getting the reviews back I will post the recipes.

I am still learning the piano! I am so happy to have a keyboard that I can sit at for a few minutes at a time every day. I can finally play Jingle Bells almost perfectly. I am learning a song called Mary Ann now. I played and sung it for Eric for Valentines day. He loved it. He said it was climbing up to the top of his favorites playlist!

Speaking of Valentines Day, Eric took me to the Rok in Hecla. It was AWESOME! I really enjoyed the food. I got a pizza with hot salami, peppers and roasted potatoes. It was unreal. It tasted just like in Italy! Eric got a steak and it was also pretty stellar. Our service was very slow at first, but then our server changed and it got better. He was really funny, and let us have a free dessert from the buffet! It was a strawberry cheesecake and it was awesome. It actually tasted like real strawberries, not like strawberry flavoring! Then we walked around the hotel a bit. I would like to stay there and go in the spa. Maybe we will spoil ourselves after the puppies are gone.

The puppies are getting SO BIG! They are all walking around, playing, eating hard food, making messes. Now comes the time when the work increases for us and decreases for the mothers. UGH! I am weaning the Chihuahua pups this week and next week will be the Irish Setter. The Setters are like 6 lbs already. 4 weeks old. They are huge. And so cute! You should come see them!

I am getting really excited about traveling again. This summer Eric and I are going to Quebec City for a Partylite conference. We will probably explore Montreal a bit too! Then after the conference we are meeting my parents in Toronto to visit my aunie and see the sights there. We will go for two weeks, it will be fun! Can't wait for the road trip. Eric is really excited about the Jay's games! We will probably go to three or four.

We are also dreaming about the Croatia/Montenegro/Turkey/Greece trip in fall. The more I research the more excited I get. I already know which hostels we will probably be staying in! Today I was looking up travel and found a really great train pass for an awesome price. It is great to be under 26, it is going to save us $400!! I was worried about how we would get from Croatia/Montenegro to Turkey/Greece until I looked up those train passes today! I also think I can find flights that will save us $800-1000 and work better into our travel plan! YAY!

Off to make more cookies! I think...

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