Monday, July 13, 2009


I have been to quite a few wedding in the last month! Four to be exact. And they just get me thinking. I love weddings. I love getting to know the couple even more. I love how everyone's weddings have matched their personal style.

But even more I love marriage. I like to see people take that step and make the commitment to eachother. Marriage is just so important to me. I think it is a big deal. God thinks it is a big deal. Marriage is forever.

It makes me sad how trivial marriage has become recently. It seems like people don't take it seriously any more. I can't stand hearing people say " I don't need a piece of paper to prove I love you" . Well for one thing, if that's all you think marriage is than you probably shouldn't be getting married anyways. Marriage is NOT just a piece a paper. It is a commitment to your signifigant other. It is publicly promising to love them through the good times and the bad. Especially the bad. It is a commitment made before God.

So when people say that they don't need a piece of paper to prove they love someone, what they are truely saying is that they don't want to commit to that person for life. That they want an easy out. That they want to be able to drop the relationship as fast as possible when times get tough. That they are basing their relationship on feelings, not on true, unconditional love. That's what I read between the lines.

More significantly, people are not taking marriage seriously anymore. Hence the stat that about half of marriages end in divorce. Celebrities are the worst. They seem to get married just for show, not caring about the vows they are making. Sometimes I have hope of a famous marriage lasting, and even those people have gotten divorced. Do you not realize that you promised that person that you would love them, for good times and for bad, forever? Do promises mean nothing? IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE? What is the point of making them then?

I really believe including God in your marriage is THE best way to have a truely happy marriage. I believe if you put God first, and lean on Him in the good times and the bad, He will greatly bless your marriage. I have not been married for long nor do I consider myself a marriage expert, but I do know that the closer I get to God, the better my marriage gets. I do realize the promise I have made to my husband, and I have no intention of breaking it, ever.


amy said...

I totally agree, if only more people would 'get it'!

Stan, Luella and Kayley said...

Well said! It is scary that people take marriage so lightly these days. It is very encouraging to hear your views on it. God bless.

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