Thursday, July 09, 2009


I love riding! Lately I have been doing alot of it, more than ever in fact! I have ridden my new horse, Chai, out of the fence four times! Which is big for me, never having done that alone before! The first time we just went past the apartments and back. He was great. The second time was in town, with Kathleen. That was so fun! I can't believe I even did that! The third we went into a field. It was a good ride. For the first little bit he didn't want to leave home, so that was kinda frustrating. But once we got into the field there were no bugs, and he was great, so we rode for a long time! I even cantered on the way home! First time EVER doing that for so long!! The fourth time was yesterday, when I rode him to Kathleen's. I was almost in tears for the first couple minutes. He would take two steps forward, and like ten steps back. All he wanted to do was go home. It was so frustrating. Finally I slowly got him moving forward again, and once we were past the church, he was fine! He tried his backing up again once or twice down the farm road, but I was able to get him going quicker this time.

My other horse, Zaiyah, is over at Kathleen's for some training. Today we were going to go out riding together. But then this lovely thunderstorm rolled in. So dissapointing. :(

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