Saturday, September 19, 2009

Your So Busy. Busy, Busy

My life has honestly been more than crazy lately. I though working part time would help, but my mondays and and fridays get full. Here is an example of last week
Mon & Tues : Driving home from Chicago
Wednesday: work during the day, Paris had agility classes 6-7, auntie has a Everyday Style show which I attended for 15 minutes, then I had a youth meeting
Thursday: work, Partylite show, Andrew's birthday party
Friday: take car into the city for a much needed maintance and cleaning, it had to stay all day and luckily it was done by the end of the day.
and now this week:
Sat (today): Free Comeback Kid concert at the forks, it is Skate for Cancer. I am seriously considering skipping this cause I just want to be at home.
Sunday: Youth meeting
Monday: Massage appointment and Partylite show
Tuesday: work, TV night with Kelly Ann!! YAY, I have missed the last two because I have been so busy!
Wednesday: work, agility classes, first youth of the year
Thursday: work, partylite starter show
Sat: Hair appt. and BCBC reunion.

I am pretty happy for Friday, but I know that I will be cleaning in all that time. That is what I am doing today. My house has suffered greatly in all this busyness. It was so clean.....

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Unknown said...

Keeping yourself busy is a good thing but at a level not that busy we can be inappropriate for you because giving time to your family also is necessary agile business helps us a lot with learning things and at the same time we can get better at things.

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