Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Close Call

It was just a regular Thursday morning. I was driving to work on #8 HWY, happy to be a little earlier than normal! Just as I was passing the turn off to Riverton, a semi that was stopped at the stop sign started to creep out, and thats what I thought he was doing, creeping out so he could cross the highway after I passed. All of a sudden, he was in my lane and I had to swerve to avoid him. I did a 180 and ended up in the ditch facing the wrong way. I was shaking. I almost got hit by a semi. You don't make it when you get hit by a semi. You have no chance.

He backed up and helped to push me out of the ditch along with another guy. He was white as a ghost and just kept saying " Holy &%#!, I didn't see you" over and over again. I contemplated just going home, but decided that was stupid and continued on to work. I called Eric and bawled my eyes out for a while. I praised God for keeping me safe many, many times. I am very glad to be alive. Had I not been paying attention, this could be a very different story. God is good!


Dayna said...

lindsey, what a testimony of/to God's protection! i'm also praising Him for saving your life and for giving you the alertness and the quick reaction to swerve out of the semi's way! i love you!

Stacey said...

So glad you're OK!

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