Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Growing So Fast!

I guess I should do a little update on life, seeing as how I haven't for a while! I feel like life has been crazy busy the last week or so. I started working Mondays, starting this week. In April I will go to full time. I am not exactly pumped about that, but we kinda need the money. And I am just slacking at home doing nothing, so I might as well work. Not that the job is bad, I love it actually, but I am not looking forward to the stress that comes with working full time. I just need to slow down, I know. But I don't know what to give up. I am not coaching soccer this year, so that frees up two days!

My puppies are growing like weeds! It is hard to believe they are almost 5 weeks old already! They are so playful and cute. They are starting to eat hard food already. In just 3 short weeks they will be ready to go! I am pretty sure one of them is taken, the black and tan boy, Nitro. I finally picked names for them all today! Here are some recent pictures!
Monet : I want to keep her SOOOO bad! I just love her!
Miette: Such a sweet, gentle puppy. She is going to be a great dog!
Shy Ronnie: Not really shy at all!

Nitro: He is sold!

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