Monday, May 10, 2010


I really don't think it is a secret that I struggle with anger. I am a passionate person, and sometimes I feel like my feelings are amplified because of that. But I have been learning alot about anger lately.

Kind of a hard statement to take in, but it is true. When you cannot control your anger, you look like a fool. People don't really take you seriously. I used to think that it was not possible to control my temper, but slowly I have learned that I am the only one in control of my temper. I choose to be angry. It is no one's fault. No one else is to blame. It is up to me how I react to other people. I can laugh it off, I can ignore it, or I can be angry. That is MY decision.

I think we live in a world that loves to blame it's problems on other people. Everything is always someone else's fault, and you never have to take responsibility for your actions. Well, I believe that is wrong. I see far too many children being raised in this mentality. It just kills me.

I think this verse is a great reminder:
  • Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires.
Our anger gets us no where God wants us to be. I pray that you and I will always think before we react in anger. That God will bless us with a humble spirit, one that is not afraid to take resposiblity for our own actions!


Jobina said...

Boy am I ever with you on this one! I have a huge issue with anger and fight with it constantly. I really struggle with responding appropriately in lots of different situations because my first response is often anger, which then unfortunately clouds my mind and makes it hard for me to think things through. I can say though that I'm getting a little better all the time, but not without God's help! I still remember getting so mad when I was trying to potty train Riker that finally I sat down in my favorite chair during his nap and in tears read in my Bible every verse I could find on patience and anger. I got a bunch of construction paper and wrote some of them down, then hung them up around the house. Reading them when I was really upset helped so much to calm me down to the point where I could offer up a quick prayer before reacting to Riker. Do you have any little tricks you do to de-escalate?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lindsey!

Dayna said...

i appreciate both your vulnerable honesty and your desire to change and grow. i'm so proud of you! keep your eyes on our Papa.

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