Monday, July 19, 2010

Lime Ricki

Today I got my bathing suits from Lime Ricki, and I seriously could NOT wait to get home to try them on. They are all beautiful and well made, but only one fits me great. They are true to what they say on their site, their suit run small, so order a size up!

The NickiThis suit was super cute, but I was really unsure about how the top would fit, and I was right. The bust area is much to small for me, and the thinner strap side did not have enough coverage at all. The torso area was also a bit tight, but it was a nice length. I think this suit would be best for someone with a smaller bust, there is just not enough room. It was my favorite one when I was ordering, but I am returning this one!

The Gen
I was not crazy about the look of this one, but it said it was good for C cups and over so I was willing to try it. I look like a submarine with it on. Paired with the yellow boy shorts I ordered, there was just too much yellow. And this top was VERY tight. And it did not have great support. It is going back too.

The Lizzie
I love the colour of this one. It is a bit longer and had more room in the torso than the other ones. For the most part, I really liked this suit and thought it fit great, except for the bust. It was a bit small, and it is kinda low cut. I was really on the fence about this top, but I think I am going to send it back cause I would like to try a different top. And if I kept it I would have to order yellow bottoms, and they are see through!

The Sadie
I immediately loved this one, I love the colorful dots! When I was ordering, I was thinking this one would fit the best, and I was right. Because it ties like a bikini top, it has great support that is adjustable, unlike the other tops. It is not quite as comfortable as the Lizzie, I am a little scared of popping out the sides, but I don't think that will actually happen. It just feels a little more exposed than the Lizzie. The bust could stand to have a little more room for me. I am keeping this one. I am pretty sure I am comfortable enough in it to go out in public! As comfortable as I will ever be in a bathing suit anyways!

Boy Shorts
I don't even know why I ordered these (Eric thinks they are really nice, that's why) because I hate boy shorts and these are no different. I just don't think they look right, plus the yellow is see through, I could see my underwear through them, so I can only imagine what they are like when wet! Embarrassing! But I ordered the yellow cause it matched every top I ordered. They were also a bit tight.

Original Bottoms - Turquoise Dot
They don't really match anything I have perfectly, but I will wear them with the Sadie top. They are SO comfortable.I love the extra band on the waist. I have no fear of plumbers crack with it, and it covers my belly nicely. They fit perfectly They are just super comfortable, and they have great coverage. I have to keep these ones cause I ordered them on clearance, but I think I will get another pair of original bottoms because these are so awesome! And believe the site, they definitely don't match the Lizzie top!!

All and all, I am happy with the purchases. I plan to order the Hallie tankini top (they say there is ample room in the bust!) and brown bottoms, and I will get a refund on the rest! I think if I was in better shape, these suits would have fit much nicer! But I am just glad I found something I could like!

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Anonymous said...

Your bathing suit was awesome.. do you still have those yellow boy shorts? I want to see what they look like.. or did you send them back already???-MAL

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