Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Gifts

This year I decided to hand make all my Christmas gifts. I love doing it, and it will save us money. And personally, I love getting home made gifts! Girls are pretty easy to think of ideas for, but I am not sure what I am going to make all the boys! I have a couple ideas, but I need to come up with some more.

Today I tried out a lip balm recipe. It is called Honey Kisses. I used honey and beeswax from Dahlen's bees! So far I think it turned out pretty good! But it still has to set properly, so we will see!


Kelsey Loewen said...

I hope you have me in christmas box!!

Anonymous said...

that lip chap was amazing! i couldnt stop licking my lips after i left your house ;P lol

Anonymous said...

My sister in laws family has been doing the homemade gift giving for years. My brother has made, homemade pasta, and beef jerky for the guys on his list. You could also make fudge or interesting biscotti for the coffee drinkers. Just make something for their stomachs, that always goes well.

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