Monday, July 16, 2012

27 Weeks

Size of baby: Head Of Cauliflower ( 2 lbs and 14.5 inches)
Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs
Continuing symptoms: Braxton Hicks, round ligament pain, sore feet, frequent bathroom visits.
New symptoms this week: Swollen feet - the day after the wedding I woke up and they felt like water balloons. It was painful to walk all day. Thankfully today it is better.

Sleep: Still ok, hand are seeming to fall asleep a lot lately.
Maternity Clothes: Love them!
What I'm Eating: regular diet
Cravings: Chips, salty things, ice cream

Movement: Lots and lots of movement sometimes. Baby loves to wake me up kicking in the morning. Yesterday morning baby must have kick steady for an hour while I was trying to sleep in! lol

Special pregnancy moments:  Talking with many friends and family at the wedding about the baby. Also, it was pretty special to have people tell me I looked good in the bridesmaid dress, cause I kinda felt like a tank! 

I finally just had to take pictures of my computer screen with my camera to get these pictures. I cannot believe that is MY baby's face. That's in my belly right now. It is such an overwhelming joy, I am so in love already!
Big yawn!

Our sweet baby's face!

I think baby looks like Eric. 

Cutest side profile ever!


Dayna said...

Wow! I got to see your baby belly and pics of your baby two days in a row! And of course I get to see nyou and your house tomorrow! I am a happy girl. I love you
Lindsey and I continue to celebrate with you!

Kelsey Loewen said...

You did look beautiful in that dress, Lindsey! I thought of telling you that, but never did. I'm sure everyone else was thinking it too!

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