Sunday, July 29, 2012

29 Weeks

Size of baby: Butternut Squash ( 2.5 lbs and 15 inches)
Total Weight Gain: 16 lbs
Continuing symptoms:  Sore feet, frequent bathroom visits, heartburn
New symptoms this week: Sore hips, This is not really a 'symptom' but I have really notices hear intolerance this week. It makes me miserable, and makes my hands and feet swell and ache. I need A/C! 

Sleep: Sleep is ok. But my hips are always sore when I wake up.
Maternity Clothes: Got a few more tops that were one sale, some one which were my FAVORITE tank tops! YAY!
What I'm Eating: Normal diet
Cravings: Nothing specific this week.  

Movement: Both my sister in laws felt the baby last week. Last evening we were out for supper with friends and they watched the baby move too. A lot more of my belly is moving now, instead of individual kicks. I often feel the baby kick simultaneously on either side of my belly! 

Special pregnancy moments: This past week were were at a camp/cabins in the Whiteshell with Eric's family, and we got to spend time with his cousins who just had a baby a few months ago! It was a joy to hang out with them and talk about baby stuff. But even more so it was great to watch them parent. They are fantastic. They are relaxed, yet totally in control and it really reflects in their baby. He is a very content, happy, interactive 4.5 month old! 

Speaking of the lake, it was HOT. The first couple days were very warm and there was no A/C to be found. It actually made for quite the unpleasant experience. I didn't realize how much the heat affects me being pregnant until this week. I was pretty miserable and didn't want to do a whole lot but swim or sit in front of a fan and knit! In fact I really just wanted to go home so I could do all the same things in the comfort of my air conditioned house. The last few days it rained and cooled off quite a bit and I was able to enjoy it a lot more! 

Now I understand why so many people comment on how tough it is to be pregnant in the summer time. I have found that if I keep cool for most of the day and stay well hydrated, I feel great. But if I am in the heat for too long I really don't feel very good at all. I am so thankful to have A/C in our house and at work!

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