Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yet Another Beautiful Wedding

This past weekend I was excited to be the maid of honour for my cousin, Mallory. She was the maid of honour in my wedding party so I was glad I could finally return the favour! It was a busy weekend full of wedding activities, but it was a lot of fun. Saturday, the day of the wedding, was actually quite relaxed and laid back, probably due to the organization and planning abilities of my cousin and her family! It was a really great day. 

Here is my cuz, another bridesmaid and my with our hair all ready to go!

We took pictures at a really beautiful quarry close to where Mallory lives. I managed to snap a few shots with my camera, I can't wait to see the ones from the photographer!
 My beautiful cousin!
 Our adorable cousin was the flower girl.
 Love this shot!
 They had TWO wedding cakes! Such a neat idea! And the cakes were delicious. Their wedding was full of personal touches that suited them perfectly. I didn't get enough pictures of everything.
 Eric dressed to match me!! :)

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Melissa said...

stunning! Gorgeous pic of you

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