Wednesday, October 09, 2013

First Day Of Daycare

Tallet went to daycare for the first time today! I want him to get some socialization, and it also gives me a chance to get some stuff done at home. I will probably take him once every two weeks, possibly once a week. We will see how things go. 

His first day went really well as far as I know. He didn't cry when I dropped him off, and he was happily playing outside when I came to pick him up! The girls said he was super happy all day, napped well and barely cried. 

I wanted to get a bunch of my house cleaned, make and can pasta sauce and make some bibs. I got half my house cleaned and pasta sauce canned, but that's it. Honestly it feels like I got nothing done even though I was worked all day. Sometimes it is depressing to know that the housework is never ending. I cleaned the kitchen all morning and afternoon, and now due to supper and backing bean brownies, it is filthy again and I am wiped. I guess I also did some laundry, sorted and washed Tallet's baby toys and packed them away, and swept the floor. And I showered. Always nice to get a shower in now and then. ;)  

So even though I didn't get as much done as I would like, it was nice to be able to focus on those things. When I am cooking/cleaning/crafting when Tallet is home, I always feel guilty for not spending all that time with him. This way he gets attention all day and I get stuff done. 

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