Sunday, October 13, 2013

THM Thanksgiving

Starting a diet right before Thanksgiving might seem like a bad idea. And you are right, it is a terrible idea.

Thankfully, this is not another fad diet. It is a lifestyle change that doesn't involve counting points, tracking calories, weight or measuring food (other than for recipes of course). This is a way of eating I want to make permanent.

That being said, when Eric and I were talking about changing to this lifestyle we agreed on two exceptions, when we go to people's houses and holidays/birthdays. In our own home, we will follow the THM lifestyle because we can control what we make and buy. We don't want to impose our diet (noun) on other people. We may choose to have a smaller serving of carbs and a larger serving of veggies in the meal permits, but we are not going to refuse to eat. We don't want to turn down hospitality.

And for holidays we are not going to pass on the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. We are not going to pass on the cookies at Christmas, or some chocolate during Easter. Moderation is the key, and if we have these things occasionally it is not going to be a set back. In fact, it may just make it easier to find success. Nothing is harder when trying to diet (verb) and people all around you are indulging in delicious food and you can't.

I also forgot the mention in my first post is that the ladies that wrote the book are Christian stay at home mom's. I love the fact that God was involved in the writing of this book. 

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