Monday, January 20, 2014

So Close

The cravings hit bad today. I just wanted a moist cupcake with a mountain of icing. Or a chocolate chip cookie, or twelve, fresh out of the oven. I tried to curb the cravings with skinny chocolate, almonds, an apple and drinking copious amounts of water.  But nothing was successful. 

Then I saw it.

A full bag of chipits.

I started convincing myself it was ok to eat them. 

No one would find out. 

I wouldn't have to tell anyone. 

I could lie. 

I prayed. I wrestled with my thoughts. I asked Eric, and then argued when he said no. 

But now I am lying in bed and the bag of chipits lies unopened on the shelf. 

I would consider today a win. 


Hillary said...

Way to go!!!! :) celebrate that small (actually big!) victory! Keep going! :)

Kara Lynn said...

way to go! :)

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