Monday, December 22, 2014

Wheat Belly - Journey To Health

My step-dad had a copy of Wheat Belly laying around for quite some time, slowly reading through it. And then I heard a few other people talk about it, and I was convinced it was time for me to read it.

It taught me a tonne about grains, and especially about our modern wheat and how it has been genetically modified SO much.

Reading this book turned me into a very anti-grain individual. I don't think anyone will ever be able to convince me that I NEED to eat grains to be healthy. 

Will I occasionally eat wheat products just for the plain enjoyment of the food? Bet your sweet tuchas I will.

But I will never eat it as part of my "healthy" diet. There is not one single vitamin, mineral or fiber in grains that I cannot get in veggies and fruit. Not even one. In fact, veggies tend to have the same if not more fiber in a cup by cup comparison to grains. They are just not necessary.

It kills me now to see people grabbing products labelled "Healthy Whole Grains" and consuming them like they are doing their body a favor. That term is no more than a marketing gimmick created by the food industry to sell more products. They don't care a lick if you are healthy, they care if they sell you as much crap as possible.

Anyways, I digress. Wheat Belly build upon the low carb, high fat concept that I was introduced to through Trim Healthy Mama.

My ONLY issue with Wheat Belly, is that he would would say never ever ever have any grains ever again. That, and fake replacement for junk foods. I want real food people. I just want to eat food that is healthy for me. If I am going to eat junk, I want it to be the fully gloriously terrible for me junk. Not a terrible tasting replacement for junk.

Also, I got the message from the book that if you eliminate grains, all your health issues will resolved forever. IBS? Gone! Allergies? Gone. Cancer? Gone. Athritis? Gone. Your dead? Alive! You catch my drift? Don't get me wrong, I am sure so many of these things will improve when you change you life. But it's not a cure-all.

Or maybe it is. Honestly I haven't followed the diet for more than 2 weeks.

That being said. Go read "Wheat Belly". It's worth the read. I own it, I will borrow it to you. It is a great start, and lots of good science!


Stacey said...

I refuse to read it :). As a challenge, I encourage you to check out this post.

Lindsey Dueck said...

I checked it out, read most of it. I agree that Wheat Belly over-demonized wheat and grains. I think that true healthy whole grains can be a small part of a healthy diet.

But I also take that article with a grain of salt because that person's livelyhood is completely dependent on that fact that people continue consuming wheat. If all people stopped eating wheat, Bread Beckers would be no more. Of course they are going to have an argument against it.

But I stick to what I said. I don't believe that people NEED grains to be healthy.

I still think that Wheat Belly is worth the read. It is always best to research both sides of the story!

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